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Mizuno Wave Rider 17 review

Posted Dec 02 2013 11:24am

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know I am a  Mizuno  convert. I've received some to review in the past (the Wave Rider 15, Sayonara, and now the Wave Rider 17), but love them so much, I pay for them out of pocket, as well. When I reviewed the Sayonara, I loved them. I still do. However, my true love was and is the Wave Rider 15. I wear the Sayonara occasionally, but the Wave Riders are my go-to, all the time running shoe.  So, when I was able to review the 17, I jumped at the chance. 
Here's a few things to know about the soon-to-be released (December 5th) shoes:
-They're the lightest Wave Riders yet! They weigh 8.8 oz, which is a whopping full ounce less than the 16s.
-They're flexible. They use a new blown rubber on the outsole which features a Seigaiha wave pattern that leads to optimal flexibility.  
-Because they're so lightweight and feature more flexibility, you'll have a more balanced run overall.
So, let's take a look at em!
 I love the purple and pink details. Not so much the white base.
I love bold, bright shoes and that's one reason I liked the look of the Sayonara so much.
However, looks alone obviously don't sell me on a shoe. I decided to test them out for the first time on the treadmill for an easy 2 miler.

At first, I didn't notice a difference and it took me a few minutes before I could get into a groove (as it can be with any new shoe). By the end of the run, they were already feeling awesome. I could definitely tell they were more flexible. You know how you often feel like you need to "break in" new shoes over several runs? These felt broken in, in the right way, after just a few minutes.
My second run went even better than the first. I did another run on the treadmill and I felt awesome the entire time. I often feel like my feet are heavy on the treadmill, but that wasn't the case with these.  It's a smooth run. I still felt cushioned and like my feet and ankles were supported completely.  (An issue I have encountered in the past with other lightweight shoes).
Here's how I felt post-run the second time:
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