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Mixing Pleasure with Pleasure

Posted Apr 19 2010 12:00am

IMAG0429 So I'm learning to mix my running with my softball.  Not a simple challenge to stay strong for softball and pick up my mileage while training for a marathon while not getting injured doing either. Last week I put in a meager 16 miles which was actually my most in 4 weeks due to injury (hurt my hip playing softball!)

Saturday we had an "informal" softball practice that about 7 of us showed up to.  We brought Tobey with and she loved it especially since one of the other players brought her dog.  After the practice I had planned 8.5 miles of running that would take me back home from the field while Christina took the car. 

Tobey and I started off and I was a bit hesitant since my quad was pretty sore during practice but it felt okay running at a leisurely pace.  Tobey was much more tired that I thought she would be and I found myself literally dragging her at times.  We stopped for a swin so she could cool off (was 60s and humid).  Poor puppy.  I  was dragging a bit too so we cut it short at 4 miles.  Tobey was wiped the rest of the day!

Sunday was our big softball day.  Opening day with a double header.  We were playing a D division team first then C (the "tougher" teams).  Last year our team was D with a record of 2-15 so we are D again this year even though we have a much much better team (I hear).  The first game went well and I personally extended my hitting streak to 8 at bats.  8-for-8 sweet!  We beat them 15-6.  Good way to start the season.  We had very little time before our next game (about enough time to go to the bathroom and do some quick stretching).  My quad was sore but I didn't want to sit out because they looked like a tough team (and they were strong!).  It was mainly an issue when running the bases and playing shortstop didn't phase me much.  I led off the game with a ground out.  Damn.  So much for  batting 1.000!  The game was close and relatively low scoring.  I hit a strong ball to center next at bat that I thought for sure was a hit - caught - crap.  My final at bat I grounded out again but advanced a runner that ended up scoring.  I was pretty frustrated with no hits the entire game but at least had some good plays in the field and more important we WON 6-4.  We were all pretty stoked.  I think our manager was especially, since after all we just won as many games as her team won all last season.

I think we have a strong team and should be able to go 5-0 in the D Division unless we get caught on a bad day.  Next week we have a toughter C division game then another D (that we beat in our scrimmage).  We need to bring our A game if we want to start off 4-0!

We had some intersting things happen during the games like during the first game when Christina rounded 3rd and ran into our 3rd base coach on the way to scoring.  The ump called her out because apparently you are out if you touch a base coach.  Who knew??  In the second game the catcher was covering home so when Christina came in she slide - safe!  But the ump said something to her about not sliding into the catcher.  Huh??  What are you supposed to do on a close play when they are covering the plate??  We also had a bit of conflict between our coach and one of our players which hopefully will blow over now.  And finally, we had a pitcher start the second game that walked the first 4 hitters which was frustrating for everyone.  She was pulled (good call) and left the field never to return.  Where did she go??  Strange.  Hopefully next week will be a bit more drama free :)

Happy Running & Dirty Feet,

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