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Mindless Monday

Posted Feb 04 2013 12:00am
My work hangover after a weekend is slightly worse than a work hangover on Wednesday. Our work weekends usually consist of crazy busy Saturdays and slower Sundays. This weekend was like that.

Saturday was crazy, and we had a few crazies too. I really think we should get hazard pay for taking care of some people and their family members, because they are a danger to our health. For example, this weekend we had the family member of a patient who sat in a very prominent location in the room, in an open backed chair, with shorts that did not even halfway cover his butt.

I was about to throw a blanket over the back of his chair, before he moved. The next time I saw him, he was out in the hallway kneeling in the waiting area, working on a computer, exposing even more of the slot machine. Got a quarter? Disgusting.

Saturday was a long day.

Sunday was Superbowl day and we were busy enough, but it wasn't terrible. I woke up early and the sunrise was outrageously colorful on my way to work.

By the time I got off work it was sunset, and this shot (below) from the parking garage doesn't do justice to the colors that were behind Horsetooth Rock.

Today I was way too brain dead to function in the morning so I took Iris for a 3 mile run, Isabelle didn't want to go. Then I went up to Horsetooth and ran 12 miles of hills. And now I have my busy week ahead of me, once I recover from my work hangover with a good long nap, I should be ready to get things done and pack for Arizona!
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