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Miles to Run, One Stride at a Time

Posted Jan 07 2009 5:12pm
Recently, Perplexed had a link on her blog about two people running across Canada and around the U.S. to inspire environmental action. As an environmentally attentive person, I applaud their dedication and passion in bringing this message to towns across North America. To undertake an effort of this magnitude requires elite athlete type physical abilities, an iron will, and some sort of financial backing to go along with a good team to help publicize the message and exploits. Not being an elite athlete, never testing my will to that extreme, and certainly lacking the financial resources would make my environmentally conscious run around the world a foolish endeavor. I can, however, try to inspire environmental action in my own little corner of the world. I am fortunate to live near many businesses and service offices that I patronize; the post office, our town’s office, a rail road station, a handful of restaurants that we occasionally order out from, and several small stores. I often walk to these establishments, but I believe running will be more noticeable. From now on, I will make a point to “run” my nearby errands. It is not attention that I seek, but a statement I shall make. A runner with an arm full of groceries, especially at night, is bound to turn some heads. True, probably nine out ten people will think I’ve gone bonkers, or call me names, but it is the tenth person that I may challenge to leave the car at home for short trips, or to get out and exercise while enjoying the fresh air.

Over the past few days, Barry and I have been corresponding via email. He suggested that I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I find it all together fitting that the first errand I ran, with this new sense of purpose, was to the library to check out a book that, in part, is about the vast resources consumed in feeding America.

Thank you Perplexed, thank you Barry for the inspiration. Now I’ve got miles to run.
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