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Mileage envy

Posted Mar 17 2010 6:40am
As I check out everyone's blogs this week, I am finding that I am getting a serious case of mileage envy. That's right, I'm jealous of folks like Jill and  KC who are running Boston and other spring marathons. I read about their 18s and 20s and wish I was doing that kind of long run right now too.

The silly thing about this is that, deep down, I know I would have been very unhappy had I run Boston or another spring marathon this year. In fact, every time we had another mammoth snowstorm this year, I repeated to anyone who would listen, "I am sooo glad I am not running a spring marathon this year!" And really, trying to get the high mileage in during those epic storms would have caused me a lot of stress, so I just need to keep that in mind.

When you get down to it, I think I'm just a bit of a mileage junkie. I love the feeling of completing a 20-plus miler (especially if my husband lets me take a nap afterward!). I love knowing that my weekly mileage is in the 50s, that I can tempo a good long distance, and that I have a big event on the calendar in the coming weeks. I suppose that if I didn't give myself part of the year to back down from that kind of mileage, I might not like it so much. And let's face it, I'd probably get injured too.

So I'm going to keep my mileage envy in check and enjoy my little 14-mile long runs right now. Come late summer, I'll be raring to ramp up the mileage again and I'll do just that in prep for a fall marathon.

Any other mileage junkies out there? Are you behaving?

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