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MidWesterly Time…

Posted Apr 29 2013 12:26pm

Its Monday and we still have a few more days of Wisconsin time but I’ve managed to steal Chris’s phone {I miss my phone…} enough time to get a few fun photos so I’m here to share. Plus, Time moves a bit differently here, especially when you are too lazy to change your watch and get to sleep in every day!

I get so excited when people I love get married. I like being married and it makes me happy to think other people get to have as much fun being married as I do. Heck, even Chris looks like he is happy about it!

2013-04-27 23.47.22 2013-04-28 00.45.45

It isn’t a trip back home if we don’t get a little critter time in. I spent the first 18 years of my life on a dairy farm so I like critters. And spring time always means puppies and kittens…and calves and ducklings and chicks.

2013-04-28 12.56.45 2013-04-28 13.07.32

Sunday afternoon was spent with Chris’s family and my yellow haired friend, Maddie. We officially became friends over Thanksgiving and we both still have yellow hair so we are buds. She loved the swings…and man, can she scream! She also has a crazy active imagination – we went camping with rock people and built “fires” by rubbing sticks together!

2013-04-28 14.56.50-2 2013-04-28 14.58.57
2013-04-28 15.35.59 2013-04-28 15.36.35(1) 2013-04-28 14.57.11 2013-04-28 14.53.47

We’ve spent our entire time here stealing my mom’s car from her. So far she has had to bike to/from work twice…but I did make her a lunch for work every day, so that makes me a good daughter, right?! And one day I even ran to work with her so she wouldn’t get bored or kidnapped!

Up next on our agenda is Family Time, Pretend To Work Time and Baby Time! Maybe even a little Run Time if my legs are lucky. Then we’ll top it off with Travel Time and Apologize To Our Cat Time!

Happy Monday…hope you are having awesome weather, making all your Time worth it and eating as many cookies as I am! They are delicious and keep coming at me…I can’t help it!

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