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Mid-Year Running Check Up

Posted Jul 29 2008 10:15am

Therapist_couch_2This week atTake It and Run Thursdaywe’re doing a mid-year check-in—taking a look back and a look ahead in terms of how our running is going. 

To keep it simple, I just interviewed myself with a couple questions.

So, Tom, what’s going well?

  • Cross training is going great!  I come from a stubbron tradition of not taking time to cross train—I mean for years after I knew better.  Now, you couldn’t talk me out of it.  I’m followingMatt Fitzgerald’s guideand have been feeling the leg, core, and upper body strength supplementing my running.  Am trying to get permission to publish the exercises on the RL.  In the meantime, if you want a description of great cross training routine, contact me.
  • Matt_fitzgerald_cross_trainingI’m getting in the mileage and types of running I prefer.  After months of inconsistency, the smooth, floating feeling of running is returning on most days.
  • While I prefer morning running, my schedule requires running occasionally in the afternoons and evenings.  As a result, I’m adapting well to the heat, which could in turn explain the increased beer consumption, which in turn explains the weight gain.  Hmmm.
  • No injuries.
  • I conquered chronic muscle sorenessfrom a few months back with new shoes, starting the cross training, and a visit to the PT.

What’s not going well?

  • My excess weight is not coming off well.  It’s coming off a bit, but sooooo slow. Still, I’m optimistic.  I can’t control my age, natural talent, the weather, etc.  But fortunately, what I put in my mouth is one of the few factors I have total control over.  So I’m determined to shed those pounds between now and race day.  Please tell me I’m not alone.  Is anyone else far off their goal weight for their upcoming races?

What am I excited about?

  • I’m still thrilled to get out and hit the streets and neighborhoods each day.  With 10+ weeks beforeChicago Marathon, every day with some form of running is a good day.
  • Getting more sleep.  Gardening, work projects, and basement fix up from June’s flooding are still putting on a grind.  So maybecatching a few more Z’s will boost some energy.
  • Meeting more Loungers at the Chicago Marathon this year.

As runners, we regularly seem to reflect on our running.  But deliberately taking stock of your running progress is eye-opening.  Go ahead, take a look at your fitness goals, your race goals, your running enjoyment.  Whatever works for you!

Hope everyone takes time to look back and look ahead.

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