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Michael Jackson’s The Immortal World Tour with Cirque du Soleil

Posted Mar 12 2012 11:34pm

I couldn’t resist the deal I got on tickets for MJ’s Immortal World Tour especially when the show would only be in town for 2 nights!

Before I begin, I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about him as a person. I really don’t know enough to pass judgment nor do I care to when all I want to do is listen to his music. What fantastic, melodic, happy, and heartfelt music it is!! Love him or hate him, Michael Jackson had some great tunes. And this show was spectacularly put together and really showcased what he was about at the end of the day…love. They opened with an upbeat song and the Cirque performers did their thing with expressive acts. The second song and performance was what broke me down.It was a ballad about the innocence we have as children and the power of dreaming. We tend to lose the belief in ourselves as we grow up. When it comes to running even, I know I’m guilty of not investing in myself. Whether it’s not training enough or not pushing hard enough in a race because I’m afraid of bonking. Sometimes we need to remember that giving it all you have and failing…is still success.

It was awe inspiring how they created some scenes. In the one below, 8 or so performers were lit up in LED lights and flew in the air, replicating orbs of stars in the sky.

I never wanted it to end, but when it did, it was only intermission. I like the hologram of MJ they left up:

During the show I had seen lots of people drinking out of gigantic plastic tubes. So of course I wanted one. I made a beeline for the frozen drinks and got us some Rum Runners, super sized for super fun. (Oh if you’re wondering, these are Vegan ;) )

The rest of the show was even more amazing with our thirst quenched. I think the rest of the audience felt the same way and definitely showed their support for the most popular songs like Thriller:

IMG_1068 MJ movie clip of Thriller

And then it was over : (  I had to extend the happiness train a little longer by dragging him over to take a picture over by where a throng of people were mobbing pushing and shoving each other lightly in hopes of jumping in before someone else stole their shot. I got lucky by making a deal with a couple people that would take our picture if we took theirs.

It was a much needed break and the best way to start my weekend early. If you are considering this show GO!! they are still touring around the country right now. You will not be disappointed.

Tip: Splurge a little and get floor seats if you can. The performers interact with the audience and those guys down there seem to be more loose and willing to dance. Our crowd was into the music where we sat but you could tell that they held back when it came to dancing. You’ll enjoy it more if you’re surrounded by energetic peeps!


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