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Memorial Day 10K

Posted Jun 16 2009 7:53pm
It was a perfect day for a 10K and Marin County does a good one every Memorial Day. I ran this one in uniform with the team and from beginning to end it was just a blast!

The course is flat and fast, save for the multiple turns in the 4th mile. Otherwise, it's smoking. I believe 6 men finished in under 30:00, and 3 women finished in under 36:00. Of course I was nowhere near them, but that's beside the point.

So my goal for this race was to improve upon the 5K I ran in April (21:42 at 6:59/mile). McMillan predicted I could run a 45:00 10K based on that 5K time. Going in to this 10K I knew I'd run better than 45:00. The question was how far off of my current PR of 41:19 would I finish? My plan was to get to the 3 mile marker feeling good, going fast but not all out effort (yet), and then pick it up over the last 3 miles, specifically the last mile or so.

My splits were:
6:50 (My sweet husband cheered for me)!
missed mile 5 & 6 markers
Garmin Finish: 43:03 (with a 6.29 mile course... clearly suggesting I need to run tangents better).
"Official" time said 43:07.

Although I felt good through most of the race I struggled a little bit in the last mile or so and got passed by two females, but they helped pull me in. Without them, I probably would've jogged the last half mile. We finished on the track after running 300m of it and I just kept thinking, "This track feels way too big."

My first three miles were at 20:19 so I'm sure had it been a 5K I would definitely have had a better finish time than the April 5K. The bad news is I clearly ran a positive split. Did I start too fast? Maybe, but it didn't feel too fast at all. It felt just right. Did I improve over the 5K? Yes. My Garmin said I ran a 6:51/mile average... but of course I have to take the official time which said I ran a 6:57/mile average. Still an improvement, but a lamer one. Whatever. I like my Garmin information WAAAY better!

On a personal level I feel great about this race. Not once did I want to throw in the towel. I kept wanting to push... plow, plow, plow. During the last 10K I ran (last August), I distinctly remember walking somewhere around the 5 mile marker. It was misery. Not today... but then again I was almost 2 minutes slower today than I was last August. Oh well... at least the improvement is happening! It's been way too long. In fact, I stopped improving after that August 10K.

As long as I'm headed in the right direction, I will be happy with ALL my race results this year... PR or not.

Followed the race with a few beers with the team, and then a hearty lunch and more beer with the team & our family members. What a great day! Makes me very, very thankful to all the veterans who have served and sacrificed so that I could enjoy a day like this. THANK YOU!
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