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Meeting a New Friend at Jennifer Phelan’s Pilates Bootcamp at Faneuil Hall

Posted Jan 06 2013 8:19am

In the past few years, I’ve found that fitness really brings friends together.  I’ve met so many of my friends either through running club, DailyMile , or at a random fitness event.  We end up keeping in touch, making fun memories, and helping motivate one another to keep up with our healthy lifestyle.

This leads me to a new friend I met yesterday!  I have been tweeting back and forth with Lisa who has been dying to try out some new fitness activities.  She decided to join me for Jennifer Phelan’s FREE bootcamp hosted at Faneuil Hall.  I was excited to meet her but it also provided some motivation to actually get up and go!  Lisa didn’t get her yoga mat in time that she just ordered from Gaiam so I was going to lend her one of mine.  If I didn’t show-she’d be stuck mat-less!  I didn’t want that!

Jenn Phelan's Bootcamp Lisa and Me

I got there a little earlier than Lisa and hung out in my fancy  Blake Brody  shoes.  I was introduced to them by Jenn Phelan herself because she is a Blake Brody ambassador .  With Jenn’s help, I was able to score a pair to review!  So far they are amazing and I always get complimented on them.  I saw that there is a deal for them on HauteLook and was SO tempted to purchase another pair, but I resisted.  One of my new years resolutions is to be smarter with my money.  This pair will last me a long time so I don’t need to get another pair!

Jenn Phelan Bootcamp Blake Brody Shoes

It really struck me as a fun concept to be able to have a Pilates bootcamp right smack dab in the middle of Faneuil Hall.  Did you know I used to work there in college?  I worked at the ice cream shop Sprinkles a couple years in college.  It was a dangerous place for me to work because ice cream is one of my weaknesses!

Jenn Phelan Bootcamp 1/5

Lisa wasn’t the only person who joined me for this class.  My friend Rosemary who first told me about Jenn and her bootcamps was there and brought her sister Nancy.  Aki, called Aki the “Yoga Ninja” for our  Healthworks Workplace Warrior Challenge , joined for her second bootcamp with Jenn.  Last but not least, my friend Laura who I met on DailyMile joined for the first time.  She is going to be attending teacher training at Back Bay Yoga studio starting this February so I was asking her a million questions about it!  We all giggled a bit when we realized who was going today because we all ended up being Asian!  We would have all been Korean if it weren’t for that sneaky Japanese girl Aki sneaking in on our fun! ;)

Jenn Phelans Bootcamp 1/5 Asian Ladies

I think all of our abs were probably on fire after this class.  Jenn tells us that she won’t be nice as she is in her other classes-this is a bootcamp, so expect to get your butt kicked!  That we did!  I’m looking forward to going again on the 26th.  Lisa was a little nervous for the class but she did great!  I’ll have to convince her to go with me again to the next session and hopefully I see you there too!

Jenn is one of those girls you see that you are like she is so darn adorable but also so badass!  I just want to hang out with her and get fit!  And she always seems to have the perfect bun done up with her hair!  Ok…I may be the only person who has those types of thoughts about people I meet, but I’m OK with that! :)


Do you have a lot of free fitness events where you live?

There are SO many free fitness events in Boston !  I want to take advantage of ALL of them!

Do you workout with friends or alone?

I like to try to multitask and workout with friends that way we are getting some endorphins but also spending some time together!

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