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Meet Harry Jacobs

Posted Jul 06 2010 4:27am

Book cover Harry runs for his life.  And he shares his story of how running helped him manage diabetes, his weight and his life.   His story gets the ball rolling in the book The Ultimate Runner and is a model to others who struggle with similar issues.   Get to know the Harry behind the story.

Why did you start running?

I started running when I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  My weight Harry 1 at the time was over 300 lbs.  Over the next 1.5 years I dropped 100 lbs. Running turned my life around and gave it purpose.  As I often say “I run for my life.”

Best running advice you ever received?

No matter what distance your run or race at it is your distance.  You cannot compare yourself to that person who runs faster and farther than yourself.  Your distance and training is yours so be happy that you are doing what you are doing.

Running wisdom you wished you learned earlier in your running?

It is not how fast you go; it’s the fact that you finish that is what is important.

Favorite tip you pass along to runners?

Enjoy yourself, have fun, isn’t that what running is all about?

Most read/used running book?

Running Room’s Book on Running by John Stanton

Favorite running memory, run or race?

Finishing the Bluenose Marathon in Nova Scotia, I ran that race and it is up hill both ways. Harry 2

Your running dream?

To run for a very long time, and to stay healthy so I can.

What keeps you running?

Me, I keep me running, so that I can stay health and live a long life to be with my grandson Tre.

How can runners contact you?

Plenty of pictures can be seen of me on Facebook, just search for Harry Jacobs, or feel free  to say hi .  Also I am often lurking about on the forums at

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