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Meet a 30 day Ab Challenger

Posted Jun 19 2011 7:42pm
I've had a few people express interest in completing the 30 Day Ab Challenge  with me so I thought it was only appropriate to introduce you to your challengers.

Meet Lauren from A Duck on the Run!  Lauren will be starting her Challenge on July 1st. She is currently training for The Pacific Crest Half Marathon  on June 25th in Sunriver Oregon. It's her first one so make sure you visit her and wish her lots of luck!!

1. Tell us about yourself?

I'm an Army wife currently living in South Korea with my husband Aaron. We've been here since June of last year and will be here until June of 2012. I started running this January because I needed something to keep my mind off of the fact that I was thousands of miles away from my home. I didn't know that it would quickly become a very important aspect of my life.

2. Why you want to do this challenge?

I've finally started to see results in my muscle definition here in the past couple of months and I think something like this could be the extra push I need to really focus on getting my abs the way I want them.

3. Do you have any special equipment you will be using such as ab roller, weights, medicine ball, etc.

I'm planning on utilizing a swiss ball, dumbbells, and maybe a medicine ball from time to time.

4. What is you favorite ab exercise?

I like traditional sit ups because I tend to like old school things, but v-ups always kick my butt, so I have a very interesting love/hate relationship with them. Plank is my go-to move when I need a quick burn for my abs, though.

5. When do you plan on starting the challenge?

I plan on starting on July 1st. I'll be home visiting family for a month then (we get to the states on June 20th), and I have my half-marathon (my first race!) on June 25th, so I want to have some time to recover from that, and I like the idea of making the month of July my abs transformation month.

6. Do you have anything to say to the other participants?

Stick with it! This is as much (if not more) to more as it is to you guys. These sorts of things aren't called "challenges" for nothing. Even if you don't get the exact results you had hoped for, making the decision to do something healthy for yourself, and then following through with that decision is an amazing accomplishment, so stick with it and be proud of yourself! :)

Thanks, Lauren for participating and GOOD LUCK on your upcoming race and Ab Challenge!!
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