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Medical School Finals and Running

Posted Dec 09 2011 11:20am

My lack of posting has been due to the fact that I have medical school finals and studying has been out of control.  Between running and studying and trying to spend time with my wife as well – I have been fairly busy.  Nothing to new going on with me – will have a few more reviews in the coming days on same great products that I have tried.  I have been trying to increase my mileage a slight bit by adding easy doubles in…just started this week.  It should put between 80-90 miles for the week if all goes right.  I plan to do doubles 1-2x a week for 2-3 weeks to see how my body responds and so the mileage increase is slow to allow my body to adjust properly.  Then, hopefully if all goes well and no injuries then I will hopefully try 3-4x a week which should hopefully put my between 90-105 miles a week if I can manage.

I will have my medical board studying ramp up in my next semester of med school so that will keep me fairly busy.  But, I hopefully plan to organize my life a little bit better with a bit more structure so I can have ample time to get in board studying each day + running.  I am registered for the Boston Marathon on April 16th but recently got my med school schedule for the Spring and wouldn’t you know it – I have a shelf exam on that day.  I am PRAYING that my school lets me adjust the schedule so I can take it early or later so I can attend the marathon as it is fairly important to me.  Plus, some of my running friends are going so it would be cool to share in the experience with them as well.  Knowing my school though they will probably not be lenient but I am hoping they will work with me on it and allow my schedule to adjust.  Otherwise, I will end up having to skip the boston marathon again this year as I cannot take a failing grade on a shelf exam.

I am off to study for our public health final and geriatrics final then hopefully get in an easy run followed by stretching/steam room/whirlpool.  It is getting cold and snowy here now so definitely breaking out the winter running gear lately.  Pounding the Vitamin D as well because it gets really depressing here with the lack of sun in the winter months it seems like.

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