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Maybe One More Day

Posted Oct 03 2012 12:57pm

Before I run again, that is. I am so close to being pain free in my shin that I can almost taste it. But honestly, I’m fine with not running today. That is because there are lots of cool things happening in my life right now. First, there is this Carnival Destiny

Hubby and I are taking a cruise this winter, and yesterday morning, I was searching for fun shore excursions. I got so wrapped up in reading descriptions and reviews that I almost missed my lunch time walk. I decided that we are going to zip line on one island and do a pirate ship adventure on another one. I just want to make sure that we come home with some great memories!

My biggest fear about this cruise is that it will fall toward the end of my half marathon training. Yes, the ships have running tracks, but it’s really hard to want to exercise and train while on vacation. It’s hard enough to eat well, let alone exercise on purpose. And our stateroom is on an upper deck (the first time I’ve ever splurged for a nicer room on a cruise), so I won’t even have an excuse to use stairs–unless I just climb up and down them for fun. But since when is doing steps on purpose fun? Ummmm…NEVER! But I know I have it in me to do what I need to do to be prepared for February 24th.

The second exciting thing is that hubby and I are starting a business! We’ve been talking about doing it for years, but now seems like the right time to get it going. So yesterday, I bought our domain and web hosting package, and I will be busy during the next couple of months building our website.

I’ll also be busy with school. After swearing that I was done (having started and quit at least three different graduate programs), I’ve decided to pursue a graduate certificate that will help me be a more effective help in the business. This may lead to me pursuing a full master’s degree in the long term. I signed up for my first class today. Now, I just need my book, and I’ll be on my way.

Phew! It’s amazing how quickly things can change. My life is full and fun right now–which is great for keeping me out of trouble. When my mind is idle, I tend to invent issues. Not good for a peaceful existence, lol! Now, to get this shin completely healed and get back on the road. One of these days…

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