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Maybe...just maybe...

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:47pm
I could finish the whole marathon if I alternated walking and running? Last night, when I went out for my run (in the oh-so-wonderful cool weather) I really focused on paying attention to how my knee felt. The first mile and a half were fine, but then my knee started feeling a little tweaky-not really pain, but just not right. I pressed on. At two miles, it did start to hurt so I stopped and walked for a bit. When I started running again, the pain was gone. The pain came back quicker than it had before and this time felt like it was spreading from the left side to the center. I walked again. I did this for about five miles before calling it a day. But it got me thinking...tons of people walk entire marathons. Sure, it may take all day, but at least they finish, right? If I can run/walk it, maybe I can keep the pain at bay and finish all 26.2.

What do you think? Smart or not? While I have been running regularly, my long runs are still not where they need to be...but to run and walk a marathon, is that really, absolutely necessary? Anyone have experience with this?
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