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May Recap

Posted Jun 03 2013 6:00am
April Re-Cap:
Miles Run: 205.86 Miles (+43.56)
# of Runs: 18 (+2)
Avg Miles: 11.44 (+1.30)
2013 Total Miles: 998.59 (+390.45 from 2012)
Month Starting Weight: 159.0 lbs.
Month Ending Weight: 153.8 (as of 5/29 PM)
Weight Change: (-5.2)Total Weight Loss: 21.2 lbs. (From 175)Pounds To Goal: 0
Race/Run Results:
Grand Canyon R2R2R JR 14:12


The Diet
I wouldn't say that the wheels came off the bus this month. But I definitely drank a few sodas, took the month to eat a bag of gummy bears, and I may have also snacked on some M&M's. Every time I indulged in one of these items, I immediately wanted a green smoothie. My body just simply craves detox when I put something in it that it's not supposed to have. The only time I eat this garbage, guilt free, is during a run or race. So the hot dog and coke in the Grand Canyon was freakin' magical. Either way, I've lost whatever weight I gained in April and am back around my goal of 155 lbs. After June, I really think I could be looking at 150 lbs or less if I stick to it.. as is planned for this final month of training.

The Running
Back on the horse. I hoped to run 240+ miles in May. The Grand Canyon once again took more out of me than I wanted it to. But still, I took 2 and a half hours off of my time from last year, included a side trip to ribbon falls, and jerked around while playing host to 14 other runners. I'll take it. I contracted a sinus infection on the trip, and severely rolled my ankle 10 miles into the Grand Canyon run. Needless to say, the extra 35 miles lost this month was during the week following the R2R2R where I opted to rest, get healthy, and slowly jump back on the horse for a strong finish at the end of the month. Over 200 miles again, I can't complain, we're still right on track.

I continue to crunch the numbers from years past. Between 2007, 2008 and 2009.. my three best years at Vermont. In a later post, I'll explain what I've found but I'm totally jazzed with my progress. I've run about 1000 miles since January 1st.. that's 300 more than last year, and I'm ahead of my numbers for the same time period (Jan-May) for 2007 and 2009.. my two fastest times at the VT 100. For what it's worth. Either way, the sinus infection is still present. My ankle is ginger in spots.. but I can run on it pain free. The swelling and bruising is gone at least.

June Preview
HELL MONTH. Right now the schedule says to run 270 miles. 30 more miles in one month than I've ever run before. The trick is to do it without breaking. Staying healthy, fit, and sane. Two 50K races.. the first of which just happened. Another at the end of the month. Then we have Hell Weekend on June 14, 15 and 16 where I'll run 20, 30 and 20 miles over the course of those three days. It all ends with the North Fork 50K, where after it's completion, I'll begin my 3 week taper into the Vermont 100. I need to start getting some hiking miles in. Longer days in the mountains. I may even find myself in Leadville once or twice as I continue to prepare for The Vermont 100. It's hard to believe that 8 full months of training have no gone by. This 9th month.. is where I put all the marbles, give it my all, and really try and get whatever quality training I can into this final push.

If anyone wants to come along for a run or two this month.. I'd love the company. Any and all motivation is appreciated.
This Month's Motivational Video
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