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Masochism and Long Runs

Posted Apr 06 2012 7:00am

I wish I were a sadist.

If I were a sadist, I would be inflicting pain on others instead of myself.  But no, I have got some sort of mental block that makes me think that pain is good.  And I am very good to myself.

With that said, I'm glad that my long run distances are finally creeping up there in length! I started my training with a 5 mile LSD ; this weekend's distance is slated for 14.  Now I love running different trails, but when your LSD distance is still in single digits I feel like you really have to travel if you're going to see new things.  There are only just so many ways to make your neighborhood routes new again, you know?
Anyway, 14 miles is a perfect distance for this weekend because it will give me the chance to run a different route without having to get into my car.  My plan? I'm going to run down to Baltimore's Inner Harbor and back!
Thanks to Gmap-pedometer for the pics!

The Inner Harbor is pretty cool...
plus I get to run around Ravens Stadium...

and through Camden Yards, home to this year's AL East champs! (probably not)
I plan on taking my camera with me on Saturday morning since this is slated to be a slow run.  Also, I have to run through a couple of shady areas to get to the water and my camera doubles as a cell phone, which is useful when you a) get lost, b) want to call someone and sob inconsolably like Ron Burgundy because you're lost, and c) think you've seen a homicide (I love city running!)  I'm curious to see what these locations look like on a normal weekend morning before the everyone crawls out of bed!
I love using my LSDs to explore new areas and see new things, so now that my mileage is getting up there you can expect to see more "adventure" posts from me as I get myself lost in new and ridiculous ways! If you happen to be in the Baltimore area on Saturday morning and want to go for a 14-miler, let me know!
If you're not in Baltimore, where do you plan on running this weekend? What is your LSD mileage up to? Are there any cool new trails you're hoping to blaze? Have fun with all of it, and let me know where you went!
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