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Marine Corps Marathon Training: Weeks 1 & 2

Posted Jul 09 2012 10:19am
I can't believe training has started!  It's exciting...and overwhelming.  Thank goodness these first few weeks feel doable.  I keep looking ahead that the training and how LONG the runs get, and I need to stop that.  It's a progression, right?  Right?

I'm following Hal Higdon's Novice 2 plan because I really liked the pace runs for the half marathon.

The Plan for Week 1:
Monday Rest
Tuesday 3 Miles Got up at 5 to run my 3 miles before school.  It takes me so long to warm up in the morning.  I finished that 3 miles feeling stiff and slow.
Wednesday 5 Miles @Pace  Not sure what my marathon pace is going to be...I'm aiming for 11:00 minute miles that include a 1 minute walk break at the top of each mile.
Thursday 3 Miles  First day of vacation!  Easy 3 miles at 6 am before my guy had to get out the door for work.
Friday Rest
Saturday 8 Miles  Rested.  And volunteered at NYRR headquarters labeling marathon goodie bags.
Sunday Cross Training Queens 10k instead.  Loved this's the recap.

The Plan for Week 2:
Monday Rest
Tuesday 3 Miles  Easy 3 miles...I've started to notice the same runners are out around the same time as me each morning.
Wednesday 5 Miles  Kind of wanted to run a 4th of July race, but when I was done with my run at 7:30, I was really glad I ran on my own! I didn't love running in the pouring rain, but at least it was a little cool.
Thursday 3 Miles  Didn't happen.  Leah woke up screaming with a 102ish fever at 1 am.  I knew when she woke up that I wouldn't be able to get up at 6 to run.  Took her to the doctor later and found out she has coxsackie.  Again.  Awesome. 
Friday Rest
Saturday 9 Miles  I made a real effort to run this one slow and to negative split.  Started out at a 12ish pace and forced myself to stay there.  It was super hot, so running slow was a lot easier.  Headphones were dead from the start of this run, probably because of all the rain on Wednesday.  Finished the run at 12:01 pace.
Sunday Cross training I should have run my missing 3 miles, but I opted to sleep in.  Oh well!

The Plan for Weeks 3 & 4: 
Track my calories.  Seriously.
Keep up with the water!
 Monday Rest
Tuesday 3 Miles
Wednesday 5 Miles@Pace
Thursday 3 Miles
Friday Rest
Saturday 6 Miles
Sunday Traveling

Monday 3 Miles
Tuesday 6 Miles@Pace
Wednesday 3 Miles
Thursday Rest
Friday Rest
Saturday 11 Miles
Sunday Swimming/Cross training

We are going on vacation on Sunday so I want to make sure I get my miles in.  Luckily, I'll be in a fairly runner friendly locale with a nice long boardwalk! 

Tell me about your plans for this summer!  Any fun vacations planned?
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