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Marine Corps Marathon 2011 Recap

Posted Nov 04 2011 12:45am

This years Marine Corps Marathon was overall a great experience and learning tool as well.  I finished 16th overall out of roughly ~21,000 finishers with a time of 2:35 which I was definitely happy with coming off Chicago Marathon just 3 weeks ago and considering the conditions.  Sorry, this post is so delayed and my lack of posting the last few days – my medical school schedule got really busy this week and it was just not a normal week.  But, overall I was very happy with my performance at the MCM.

The plan was to run a smarter race and try to make my half splits closer together than in Chicago and hope to pull out a PR if possible.  Unfortunately, conditions and my lack of training for hills showed when the first 7-8 miles incorporated some nice size hills that I just was not prepared for because I did not train for hills because I trained mainly for Chicago – aka “the pancake marathon” because the course is flat as a pancake which makes it great for going quick.  But, anyways the hills in the beginning took their toll on me because I was trying to stay on pace but hills were slowing my mile times down so I was trying to make up time on the down hills and flats – so I was working harder and didn’t really settle into a steady pace until it truly flattened out around 9 miles or so.  Plus, there was about a 10-15 mph headwind and not to mention it was 32 degrees at start – I was literally shaking with my 7 layers on – didn’t expect to be that cold but hey, you learn.  Next time I will wear 3 pairs of gloves and thicker socks before the marathon…my toes got numb.  I ran with someone for about the whole time and ended up talking to real cool runner from California and ran with him for about 23 miles…nice guy!  Unfortunately, he dropped off with cramps at about 23-24 miles and I never found him again…wanted to thank him for running with me through most of the race.  It definitely helps keep you going! Anyways, I didn’t truly hit any sort of wall until about 24 miles and my pace slowed from a ~5:55 to about a 6:05-6:10 give or take.  Definitely, didn’t hit the wall hard but legs were not moving as quick.

Overall, no excuses and I didn’t feel that tired from 3 weeks ago from Chicago – but could definitely tell the “pop” in the legs were not fully there but overall I was very happy to be only a minute and half off from Chicago considering the conditions and being only 3 weeks out.  I had my wife drive back from D.C. while I studied for my Hem/Onc Final Exam in the car…but not before stopping at P.F. Changs in Tyson’s Corner to enjoy some good Thai food…something we don’t have in Erie, PA!  It was a great trip and I always love doing the Marine Corps Marathon – the fans are great and the scenery is awesome too.  Plus, marines know what they are doing!  Anyways, I’m off to study for another exam…Renal…good times!  Those reviews are coming – just trying to get my life organized again after a busy 4 weeks of racing and tests…things are slowing down now so posts should get a bit more regular.

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