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Marathons & Home Gyms

Posted Jan 09 2012 4:30pm

This post is a bit random, so I apologize for that. We were out of town this weekend and I’m still trying to get my life back to normal.

Marathon Question

Since the marathon is on SUNDAY (!!!) I figure it’s time to add some new jazzy tunes to the ol’ playlist. The problem is, I’m not entirely sure what to add. Obviously they need to be upbeat, fun songs that keep me movin’ forward rather quickly. And obviously when I need help with these kinds of things, you guys are the best judge of what I need.

So tell me, what running songs do you suggest? I don’t judge, I’m quite open to any and all suggestions.

The Home Gym

As you may remember, our home gym was, uh, in a slight bit of disarray. And by slight I mean this:



The good news is that it has since been transformed into a much nicer place. It now has a very clean (and new) wood floor, very gym-like grey walls, and none of that stuff is on the floor anymore, it’s all up in boxes in the closet.

The bad news is that I still need to decorate. Which is where you guys come in again.

How do you decorate a gym?

If you have something to hang your medals on, where did you get it?  There is one that I want but I think it seems a little pricey, but maybe they just aren’t cheap?

How was your weekend?!

Do you have a home gym? I’m trying to organize and finish one room at a time this year, and the gym is first up on my list. I want it to be a place I really enjoy working out!

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