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Marathon Week 11

Posted Apr 08 2013 8:18am

Week 11 means 2 more peak weeks of training then taper, yikes. My glute (probably piriformis) is a little better but still sore after my long run. Good news is it’s nowhere near as bad as last week. The best part of this past week, discovering that the local trails are mostly clear of snow!  Here’s how my week went, still taking an extra day off running and hitting the elliptical instead.

View on Wednesday's run, almost looks warm!
Monday: 1:15 on elliptical Tuesday: 1 hour bike trainer @ home. Weights with trainer morning & 6 mile run 52:10 in evening (coaching) Wednesday: 12.5 mile tempo run 1:32:35 ( Laura's 5 by the 5th as part of this run) & core Thursday: Morning Spin and weights/core Friday: Spin Saturday: 7.5 easy run (coaching) & core Sunday: 17.1 mile long run 2:26:34 (started with 4 miles with puppy) I tried Huma Gel (apple cinnamon) for the first time and it actually tastes great, I only took 1 and think I needed more fuel but will try these again. And what's ahead for Week 12 of marathon training? More being smart and staying injury free and this. Increasing my mileage a bit and continuing to work on speed and hills. Still spending lots of time with my roller and started some rehab exercises for my hamstring/glute.
Goal: Continue to listen to my body, foam roll, ice and actually get to yoga this week. I am running a 10 Mile race Saturday, I am familiar with the area but no idea on the exact course. My goals are A: sub1:08, B: sub1:10, C: 1:15 Matt and O are also racing on Saturday as well as a few of our friends, can’t wait now hoping the weather cooperates.
Monday: Yoga & 1 hour elliptical Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Easy evening Run (coaching) Wednesday: Morning Run (Tempo run) during preschool Thursday: Morning Spin & Afternoon run 3-4 miles/weights Friday: Morning Spin & Yoga Saturday: 10 Mile Race & Weights (Race Goal <1:10 span=""> Sunday: Long Run 12-14 Miles
How was your week? Remember 1 more day to enter the Spring Giveaway I have a big announcement coming tomorrow, come back and see what crazy adventure I will take on next?

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