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Marathon Training: Weeks 15, 16, 17, 18

Posted Oct 05 2011 3:03pm

I am officially less than 2 weeks away from my first full marathon .  WOW.  I am nervous but incredibly anxious and excited too- I have done the work, have confidence in my physical and mental training, and am totally ready to do the damn thing on October 16th.

Training went very well the past few weeks; however, a trip to Vegas, a ruptured  ovarian cyst , and a nasty, albeit brief, cold all got in the way, but every time I hit the road for a run, I feel strong and happy so, thankfully, none of that has kept me down.

8th wedding anniversary dinner in Las Vegas at Lawry's (I think I'm still digesting that meal!)

Last week was our 20 mile training run, our longest distance before the full, and I took it very conservatively in order to avoid injury.  As Coach Al says, “Today is not your race. Today is a training run, so take it easy.”  And I did.  Well, I had too!  My IT band was not too pleased once I hit 17 miles, it started to really hurt and refer into the knee so I listened and walked when I needed to and stopped to stretch a LOT- whatever it took to finish those 20 miles without completely destroying my left leg, I did it.  Took me over 4 hours to finish but I still finished- I was stoked:

20 freaking miles!!!! WOOOO!!!! (photo credit: fellow TNTer, Geri)

I also ran a half marathon on Sunday- Rock n’ Roll San Jose - and it went surprisingly well! I followed Coach’s advice again and told myself that it was just a training run, an opportunity to practice my pace for Nike . I didn’t have any expectations other than that but I still PRed by 5 minutes, had so much fun doing it, and not one peep from my IT band !  Flat course, great music, very well organized.  Plus, Deena Kastor ran past me at mile 6 and I got to meet and get a picture with Meb Keflezighi - I was star struck and freaking out!  Such a great race all around!  (Look out for my recap in the next few days.)

I'm rockin' San Jose!!!!

Monday: REST
Tuesday: Run, 3 miles (still sore from Hiking Yoga , so I took it easy)
Wednesday: Spin Class followed by weights, 19 miles
Thursday: Track run with hills and isometrics, 2.52 miles
Friday: REST
Saturday: Run, 18 miles (sun came out at 7:30am, very hot, very hard, very long!)
Sunday: REST
23.52 running miles, 19 biking miles 

Monday: REST
Tuesday: Run, 6 miles, followed by Abs & Core class
Wednesday: Spin class followed by weights, 19 miles
Thursday: Track run, 2 miles
8 running miles, 19 biking miles

Monday: Ruptured an ovarian cyst from too much partying means all I was able to do was lay on the couch and sulk.
Tuesday: Darn ovaries. No running. Hmph.
Wednesday: Spin class followed by weights, 19 miles
Thursday: REST
Friday: REST
Saturday: Run 20 miles!  (Woke up with a scratchy throat… uh oh…)
Sunday: REST (Scratchy throat became worse plus fever… ARGH)
20 running miles, 19 biking miles

Monday: Full blown cold, frick.
Tuesday: Me + Couch + Sulking… AGAIN!
Wednesday: Run 6 miles
Thursday: Track run, pace practice, 3 miles
Friday: REST
Saturday: REST
Sunday: Rock n’ Roll San Jose half marathon, 13.28 miles, finish time: 2:15 (new PR!!!!)
22.28 running miles

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