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Marathon Training Week 5 {Boston Marathon}

Posted Feb 24 2013 4:24pm


Otherwise titled the week that I signed up for my third marathon of 2013.

Monday – 2.77 miles with Kelly and Maggie at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Kickoff Event .
Tuesday AM – 8 mile recovery run on the treadmill (8:30 min/mile). My legs felt stiff at the start so I started slower than usual and gradually increased the pace whenever I felt like I’d adjusted to the speed.
Tuesday PM – Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack Level 1 (35 minutes). I find that I’m not often motivated to do core work but I feel really good afterwards.
Wednesday – 12 mile medium long run on the treadmill (8:00 min/mile). My legs still felt a little stiff but were much better than Tuesday. I’m not sure why they were so stiff, maybe because I ran a few miles on Monday? Either way, I started at a slower pace than usual and increased every few miles. I also started watching gossip girl on Netflix on my iPhone and it really helped the time pass on the dreadmill.
Thursday AM – 6 mile recovery run (8:24 min/mile). Outside!
Thursday PM – Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack Level 2 (35 minutes). I was going to go to a Nike Training Club class but I was nervous that the “drills” would wear my legs down too much before my tempo run on Friday morning. I opted to do level 2 at home instead and it was really tough! My butt was (.. and still is…) sore for days from the pilates moves!
Friday – 9 mile lactate threshold run on the treadmill (7:40 min/mile). I ran four warm-up miles and then 5 miles at 7:10 min/mile (some slower, some faster). I’m too nervous to do hard speed work on the treadmill and the freshly fallen snow meant I couldn’t run outside. I compromised by running some tempo miles slower than my Macmillan range but close enough that I still got in a good workout.
Saturday – 5 mile recovery run (8:22 min/mile). I wanted to go to a yoga/pilates fusion class and then do my recovery run but my sore butt led me to skip the class, sleep in, and then head out for a recovery run. Oops (but in all honesty, probably smart). I loved being outside again and I enjoyed heading south along the lakeshore path.
Sunday – 18 mile long run (7:56 min/mile). The weather was absolutely perfect for a winter long run. I’ve been fueling differently, eating more an hour or so before I head out along with half a gel with caffeine 10 minutes before I start running and then taking in half a gel every 4 miles starting at mile 6. It’s been working really well and next week when I have a marathon pace run, I’ll be able to test it out when I’m really pushing myself.


I’m VERY happy with this week. For one, it’s my first 60+ mile week EVER and my legs are feeling pretty excellent right now *knock on wood*. I also enjoyed every one of my runs this week, including my treadmill miles, which reassures me that the early morning wake-ups and higher mileage weeks are worth it for me. I’m still easing my way into my new shoes, running my recovery runs in them and wearing them during cross training and wearing my old shoes for long runs and tempo runs but I’ve been blistering in my old shoes and am eager to switch over completely. How do you ease your way into new shoes?

Next week, I’d like to continue doing the 6 week 6 pack videos, get my booty to an actual class at my gym, and enjoy the slightly lesser mileage + emphasis on faster miles.

How have your workouts been?

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