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Marathon Training Week 4 or 5 ??

Posted Feb 18 2013 7:03am

A not so great Week 4 is behind me and a learning experience. My long run was not as I hoped, yes even after years of running I still have runs I hate! I did complete the 30 Day Yoga Challenge and hope to continue it as a habit few days a week. My weekly lessons 1) don’t eat gluten, duh! 2) stretch and foam roll after running and 3) might be time to cut back of the weights before long runs
I am, as always, working on fueling before and during long runs. You’d think after 20 marathons I’d have this figured out by now! For some reason I seem to be hungry before I run on weekends despite eating the same as I had before, I think some is waiting to run longer. I have been playing around with long run fuel again. A while ago I was given some Island Boost to try but hadn’t been running long enough to need it. I first tried it a few weeks ago and thought it was good but sweet so on Sunday I mixed it in my bottle with water and it was a still sweet but better. Easy to sip as I went too. I like that it is liquid consistency not the thick gel and has a natural taste unlike many gels. The best part no GI issues! What is your go to fuel before or during?
Monday: Morning Yoga Class & Afternoon Hill Run 7 miles Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Very Easy evening 6.2 mile Run (coaching)- starting to feel sick Wednesday: Skipped the morning Run not feeling well after stupidly eating gluten filled onion rings on Monday! Got in an easy 8.5 mile tempo run in afternoon Thursday: Morning Spin & Afternoon 4 mile easy run weights Friday: Morning Spin & Yoga Saturday: No ½ marathon it was 0 at race start, no thanks! Instead 7.2 mile easy run with group & Afternoon weights Sunday: 14.7 miles, it was sluggish and I just wasn’t feeling it but pushed through slow and steady. The paths sucked and I am done with winter. Nice job cleaning the paths! The ice rink was near an elementary school and snow pile outside a daycare, come on city get on it!

And what's ahead for Week 5 of marathon training? I am hoping for a little more intensity and mileage after a week of cut back. But at the same time being smart and watching my calf that felt a like achy towards the end of my long run. My friend ProCompression to the rescue. I just can't get myself to ice bath, no way! How do you recover? Ice bath, stretch, compression...
Goal: Push the speed intervals (both distance and pace) and not let the mental resistance kick in. While listening to my body and better stretching. I am awful and this, I get done with a run and need to get on to the next thing or simply forget.
Monday: Morning Yoga Class & Afternoon recovery run Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Easy evening Run (coaching) Wednesday: Morning Run (Speed Intervals-1 mile repeats aiming for 6 min pace) & Evening Yoga  Thursday: Morning Spin & Afternoon weights/possible easy run Friday: Morning Spin & Yoga Saturday: 6-8 mile easy run & Afternoon weights Sunday: Long run 16-18 miles
How was your week in training? Have a training post of any distance, then link up and share stories, encouragement and concerns.
I still haven’t heard from my ENERGYbits winner , please contact me today or I will choose a new winner.

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