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Marathon Training: Week 3 Results and Looking Ahead to Week 4

Posted Jul 13 2010 4:23am
Training Plan Schedule
Week 3

Actual Runs
Sunday: 8 miles @ 8:25
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Pilates Reformer
Wednesday: 4.5 miles (Track)
Thursday: 6.01 miles @ 8:39
Friday: REST
Saturday: 16.86- Belmar 5 (tempo) + Long Run
Total Weekly Miles: 35.37
Training Plan Schedule
Week 4

My dad and I hit the track today for the 1000s workout. Fortunately, during our warm-up, my legs felt great! Really springy, although a bit like jello. Kind of like they should be sore or tired but weren't. Its how they usually feel when I take Magnesium supplements (which I did). Unfortunately, it was 95 degrees out. I really like the 1000 distance, even though it is hard. The first split felt the hardest. My splits got faster each time.

1~ 4:04 (6:27 pace)
2~ 4:02 (6:25)
3~ 3:57 (6:18)
*Interesting because I have run a couple of recent 5ks at around a 6:18 pace.

They seemed to be getting easier! We walked in between and after the 3rd split I had finished my water and went into the high school to refill my bottle. I drank a little more and we finished walking the 400. We started the 4th split and I got a terrible cramp. So bad, I could not run through it so I stopped after the 200. I planned to walk in out and at least finish 4 but my dad was not having it. It was really hot and he was concerned. We left and he got me a gatorade to drink. I'm not sure if I didn't drink enough or drank too much to get that cramp but the gatorade tasted great after the run. It was still a decent run, not really mileage wise but definitely speed/endurance wise. If you have never tried 1000s I urge you to do is a really interesting distance! Actually, in this month's issue of Runner's World they advise doing 1000 repeats to train for a fast marathon while improving your speed across all shorter distances. I plan to make up the rest of the workout depending on how my "glute" feels. I have been icing and foam rolling and it feels better already. I am shooting for around 30 miles this week to give my body a chance to catch up.

Track Workout
3.21 miles
23:26 minutes
7:17 average pace
*Not counting walking RI.

Weekly Mileage
Week 1: 21.72
Week 2: 25
Week 3: 35.37

*I definitely increased my mileage too much from week 2 - week 3. This was not the smartest thing to do as you are only supposed to add 10% of your weekly mileage on to each week. Fortunately, my body usually handles additional mileage pretty well. I have more trouble with injuries when I do too much speed work. Go figure. Hopefully my body will forgive me :)
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