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Marathon Training Week 3 {Boston Marathon}

Posted Feb 10 2013 11:11am

Monday – Instead of taking a complete rest day, I did Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack. I liked the video because it focused on full body strength and not just abs work. It was also only 35 minutes.
Tuesday – General aerobic 8 miler with 10 x 100 m strides (8:07 min/mile). Ran on lots of packed snow but it wasn’t icy or super windy which I appreciated. I liked getting a longer easy run in early in the week.
Wednesday – Recovery 6 miler in the evening after a long meeting in the burbs (8:16 min/mile). I had a lot of energy after being cooped up in a room all day and then taking public transit for three hours but I tried to hold back and run easy miles instead of pounding out a few quick, stress relieving miles. It was warmish Wednesday night and I actually went out in a long sleeved shirt and vest, no jacket :) .
Thursday AM - General aerobic 7 miler on the treadmill (7:57 min/mil). Was supposed to run 11 miles but with the freezing rain and running on a treadmill I decided to swap my Thursday and Friday runs. The run was uneventful. I watched 30 Rock on my phone.
Thursday PM – Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack again.
Friday – General aerobic 11 miler (8:27 min/mile). This was the awful run through the snow, ice, and wind . I felt like I was on some type of arctic survivor show. Nobody was out on the lake path, the snow was glowing eerily, and it just felt really weird to be out running. I’m glad I got the run in but I probably should have been on a treadmill instead.
Saturday- Recovery 4 miler + 60 min Power Yoga class (8:07 min/mile). I headed out for an easy 4 miles and was happy to see the lake path was clear. After running, I changed into yoga attire and headed to my gym to try the power yoga class. I didn’t love it but I also don’t love yoga so there’s that but I’m proud of myself for going. I almost skipped out because I was nervous to try a new class alone.
Sunday – 16 mile long run with 10 miles at marathon pace (7:40 min/mile). I ran 5 miles as warm up ranging from 7:45-8:16 and then started my marathon pace miles. My goal is to run somewhere near a 7:39 min/mile but my legs were feeling strong today and I was able to run most of the miles faster than that (between 7:11 and 7:33), I had a few miles that dipped down close to 7:45 but it was due to running on snow and the wind that really picked up during the second half of the run. I ran one cool down mile at about an 8:09 min/mile and then stretched.

Totals: 52 miles + approx. 2 hours of yoga/core work

After my run today, I refueled with yoatgurt made with my new favorite Amande yogurt . I was nervous the texture would be off but it wasn’t at all!


Have a great Sunday!

Did you work out this week?

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