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Marathon Training Week 2 {Boston Marathon}

Posted Feb 03 2013 12:21pm


Trying to explain to Ian how I feel like I have dinosaur feet
when I wear Injinji socks. [Only running-related pic this week.]

Monday - Took the usual OFF-day. I’d love to be motivated enough to strength train on my day off from cardio but usually I sleep in and miss the opportunity to work out in the morning and then just want to go home after work. I am human.
Tuesday – 11 mile medium long run outside (8:07 min/mile). It was almost 60 degrees when I woke up so I knew I had to run outside even if it was drizzling and windy. Had a great start to my run but when I turned around, I realized I’d been running with the wind at my back for the last 5.5 miles and that the last 5.5 miles would be straight into the wind. Oh well, I’ve heard Boston can have a major headwind so maybe runs like this one will come in handy!
Wednesday – Recovery 5 miles on the treadmill (8:17 min/mile). Talk about a temperature swing. By Wednesday the 60 degree weather was gone and we were way down into the teens. My recovery run was too fast ( McMillan says I need to be slower than an 8:48…) but I just wanted my time on the treadmill to be over.
Thursday – Lactate threshold (tempo) 8 miler on the treadmill (7:39 min/mile). The weather stayed super cold so I kept my butt inside and on the ‘mill. Had some treadmill issues but I was able to complete three warm-up miles, 4 miles sub-7:20 (started at 7:20 and picked up the past each mile so my last mile was close to a 7:00 min/mile), and then one cool down mile. My tempo miles should be faster, 6:51-7:02, but I wanted to keep it easy on the treadmill. Injuries are no fun.
Friday – Recovery 5 miles on the treadmill (8:33 min/mile). Kept it pretty easy and watched 30 Rock on Netflix on my iPhone. I’ll most likely continue to watch something during my recovery runs because it stopped me from constantly checking my miles/time like I do when I watch the news.
Saturday – Easy 5 miles outside (7:43 min/mile). Ran outside through the snow and slush and had so much fun. I kept my pace easy — but I was feeling really good — and just enjoyed an old route through the city including my old neighborhood.
Sunday – 15 mile medium long run outside (8:00). It was 15 degrees feels like 8 when I woke up and I seriously considered just going to the gym. However, I knew that Kim was going to be running outside and I didn’t want to feel like a wimp so I bundled up in three layers on top, two layers below, two pairs of gloves, and a neck warmer and I headed outside. It honestly wasn’t so bad until the wind and snow picked up but even then it was pretty! My pace jumped around a lot- when the path was clear I tried to run around a 7:45 but when it was icy, snowy, or slick I just ran whatever pace felt safe and comfortable. I took half a Double Espresso Clifshot at mile 7 and then finished it at mile 11, I was surprised how much energy the gel packed!

Total miles: 49 running

I’m really working hard on hitting the right paces for each of my runs. Last training session, I ran my recovery runs and my long runs too fast and my body peaked too soon leaving me tired before the Goofy Challenge. I also know that if I am going to be running more slower miles, I need to be able to hit the faster paced tempo and speed work paces as well. I keep telling myself to trust the plan but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me nervous!

I’m also reworking my fueling. What worked for me during training for Goofy was too little too late when it came to race day. Any suggestions? At what distance do you start fueling and how much do you take in how frequently?

How has your training been? Have you had crazy weather this past week?

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