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Marathon Training Week 1 {Boston Marathon}

Posted Jan 28 2013 8:33am

Last week was not only my first week back after completing the Goofy Challenge, it was also the first week of Boston Marathon training. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t have enough time to recover between the challenge and training but I took the first few days easy, felt out how fast my legs wanted to go, and trained pretty smart. By the end of the week, I was back to feeling like me again!

So here’s how things went:

Monday – OFF
Tuesday – 8 mile general aerobic run on the treadmill (8:26 min/mile). I wore my lovely Brooks with the toe cut out (see above) and wrapped my toe in some gauze and cautiously ran the 8 miles. I started close to a 9 min/mile and as my legs and hips loosened up (I felt so tight!), I increased the pace. I also stopped every 2-3 miles to stretch and gauge any pain– sometimes when I’m running, I can’t tell if I’m hurting. Fortunately, I felt no pain so I just continued on with my run.
Wednesday – Recovery 4 miles on the treadmill (8:37 min/mile). I actually felt pretty sore and stiff before this run and worried that I’d done too much too soon. I took the run very easy and after about 2 miles, my legs loosened up and I felt almost normal.
Thursday – 9 mile general aerobic run on the treadmill (8:07 min/mile). By this point I was starting to get very sick of the treadmill but it was so cold outside that it was either run on the treadmill or not run at all. I started at an 8:40ish min/mile and then increased the speed at least every 2 miles. I finished running a 7:47 min/mile and felt strong. I also didn’t wrap up my toe and I wore my newer pair of Brooks (without the hole), progress!
Friday – 5 mile recovery run (8:24 min/mile). Pace is a total estimate since I ran outside for the first time all week and I forgot to charge my Garmin. It was on the colder side (but manageable) and it was snowing but it was pretty out and fun!
Saturday – 5 mile general aerobic run (7:27 min/mile). This was supposed to be a recovery run but after waiting until afternoon to run and being inspired by all of the F^3 runners, I really had to hold myself back. It was cold but beautiful out and I had a great run.
Sunday - Medium long 13 mile run with 8 miles at marathon pace (7:46 min/mile). I ran the first four miles between 7:43 and 8:08 min/mile and then I increased my pace to what I hoped would be a 7:38 min/mile for the next 8 miles. I managed to get pretty close and depending on if I was running on cleared sidewalk or snow/ice, I averaged between 7:22 and 7:46. Most miles were sub-7:38 but I’d like to work more on consistency and finding the ideal pace, I seemed to jump around a lot. After leaving the lakeshore path, I ran a cool down mile.

Total – 44 running miles

Next week I increase my mileage and add in a mid-week double digit run. I’m hoping that I continue to feel strong and that my toe keeps getting better.

Did you have any good workouts last week?

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