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Marathon Training Starting Statistics

Posted Jul 08 2010 2:08am

After reading yesterday’s post about starting a marathon training program it occurred to me that I forgot to mention that you should record your starting stats. This helps you see what kind of improvement you’re making. running statistics

So, I’ll write down my starting stats to see how well I’ve progressed during the training.

Here are some of key measurable things.  Body weight, mileage, typical speed, and race performance.

Body weight = 199 pounds

Distance run in the last month = 109.8 miles

Fastest workout in the last month = 7:10 per mile

Average speed in the last month = 8:00 min per mile

2 miles = 14:20 (7:10 per mile)
3 miles = 23:11 (7:44 per mile)
3.5 miles = 26:49 (7:40 per mile)
4.0 miles = 32:42 (8:08 per mile)
5.8 miles = 45:44 (7:53 per mile)
7.0 miles = 56:38 (8:05 per mile)
8.0 miles = 64:04 (8:01 per mile)

Marathon = 3:48:25
10 miler = 1:17:50

The only specific goal I have is to joggle the marathon in less than 3:20:00. Ideally, I would also like to set a PR in the half marathon, 10K and 5K distances. Then finally, I’d like to weigh under 180.

I’ll update these stats over the next few weeks to see what kind of progress I’m making.

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