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Marathon Training and My LOW Mileage Training Plan

Posted May 24 2012 8:00am
When I was in California, having a sleepover party with one of my fav bloggers (totally normal), Margot from The Faster Bunny  (aka the other half of Neon Blast Bunny ), we were chatting about what sort of mileage is reasonable for marathon training.
Out to pre-marathon dinner
with the Faster Bunny as I wondered,
"is this pizza going to make me faster tomorrow?
or maybe I should have had a higher mileage training plan?"
A little pre-marathon fueling
at the Newport Brew Co.
(I pre-fueled with water.)
I am here to argue that you can get decent results from a LOW mileage marathon training plan.

Leading up to my 3:26 OC Marathon, I averaged 32 miles per week (including track workouts X2 and a 10K).
I think this is a relatively low mileage plan, considering a lot of the other marathon training plans that I've seen for sub 3:30 marathons.

And I use the term "plan" loosely, because I don't actually follow a plan.  I run my long runs with a local marathon training group and I completely improvise my mid-week runs (based on what I have time for with my work schedule...thank goodness I'm not unemployed because I would probably run myself into the ground and do something unhealthy like 1000 miles per week.)!

Yes, I realize that flying by the cuff is probably NOT the best strategy for marathon success.  I should use a more organized plan...but this keeps it fun for me.  I don't like feeling forced to follow strict plans, I'm a rebel at heart.

I am sharing this with you because I want you to know that you don't necessarily have to do a TON of high mileage weeks in order to reach your goals!

For me, quality helps more than quantity.

Are you a high mileage or low mileage runner?
Being a lower mileage runner with 3-4 rest days per week seems to work decently well with my body.  But I know TONS of people who do really well with high mileage training plans, so perhaps that's the key to being a fast marathoner?  I'd like to try a higher mileage training plan at some point, so if you're a high-mileage runner, tell me if you think it works and I'm curious to hear how you do it without getting injured.
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