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Marathon - New Injuries -

Posted by Chitown_run

I have a marathon in 4 days and I’m starting to experience ball of the foot pain.   I changed my socks (smartwool mediums) but still experienced tenderness after a 5 miler today.   I have superfeet inserts and was wondering about putting something (cotton or a piece of a cushioned sock) under the inserts to help.   Any thoughts?  
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For the three weeks before a marathon, you should be tapering your distance. Have you done this?

It's not a good idea to do things to your feet that you haven't tested on training runs. My suggestion is to rest for the next four days. You might carry some cotton with you during the race and try it as a last resort. 

I don't see a date on your post, and I'm guessing your marathon is past. How did it go? You might need new shoes. Don't use mall-type of running shoes. Go to a good running store and be prepared to spend $80-120 for your shoes. Most runners change their shoes after 400-500 miles.

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