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Marathon Cupcakes, Supporting Hoboken’s GoodieBox Bake Shop

Posted Nov 02 2012 1:18pm

I’m running the New York City Marathon on Sunday and as I expressed in a post the other day, I’m very conflicted about it.  Usually I would be very excited for race day, using this post to share my race day strategy and insight about the course.  Today I’m scrapping my race preview to share something more personal regarding Sandy in the hopes that my community takes some action.

I have some amazing close friends in New York City, like I wrote the other day, when times are tough we lean on each other. I’ve shared some crazy times with my friends, the city has certainly been our playground over the years.  Sunday Funday, craft beer bars, flip cup tournaments, late late nights, even later nights, Brazilian BBQ, Monday night softball…it goes on and on.

As we have all grown up so have our responsibilities.  We got married.  We started families.  Business’ have been started.  The memories we had were still there but new ones were being made in this brave new world as a real adult. When my good friend’s wife decided to start a bakery we were all there to support her with orders, promotion and any other way we could. It was a true entrepreneurial small business as she started from scratch and grew a following.  Deliveries were made out of a car.  Goods were baked at home.  She had a baby and the desire to grow the business took on new meaning.  They invested in a space in Hoboken, opening the official GoodieBox Bake Shop a few weeks ago.

Then Sandy hit.  I am told today that there is over six feet of water in her newly opened shop. Destroyed. Gone. All the late nights and time spent had been dismantled in a few short hours.

GoodieBox Bake Shop is an amazing small business.  I know from experience that what the owner, Carrie, makes is spectacular.  She has baked birthday cakes, cupcakes and other treats for all of our friends on special occasions.  Last year for the New York City marathon she made me these unique cupcakes with our bib numbers and logo of the race.  She is an artist.

To support my good friend and his wife small business that was destroyed I am asking you to order some marathon related cupcakes from her.  The image is of the ones she made of mine.  If you don’t order, visit her Facebook page and share your thoughts.  I want to do anything I can for my friend’s wife who was just one of the many affected by Sandy.

To order some marathon themed cupcakes in the future keep GoodieBox Bake Shop’s website  in mind.

To show support follow GoodieBox Bake Shop on  Facebook  and leave a comment.

What are you doing to help those affected by Sandy? Share your stories of who you will be running the New York City marathon for.

- Scott

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