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Man Eating Chipmunks!

Posted Oct 22 2011 12:53am

Workout Wanda: Headed out for a 9.5 mile bike/run with Mom at Buffalo Creek.

Yup, you read that right…9.5 miles! And it felt amazing! I seriously needed this run after last weeks craptastic 8 miler! Lets just hope I feel this great next weekend for the half marathon! And yes, I totally made my mom bike that 9.5 miles…uphill on the way out, downhill on the way back. She survived just fine!

I have no idea what my pace was – we let the Garmin run the entire time. But honestly, I don’t care about the pace. I enjoyed myself, I felt strong and I finished feeling like another four miles would be a walk in the park!

100 5351 thumb Man Eating Chipmunks!
…the sign we made Chris, only he didn’t see it…

Yesterday we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park again, this time with Chris in tow. We weren’t exactly sure where we were going to end up but at the entrance they told us that the road through had just opened….guess we were driving through, but not until we stopped at Lilly Lake and Alberta Falls!

DSC05043 thumb Man Eating Chipmunks!
Look out over Lilly Lake

DSCN0507 thumb Man Eating Chipmunks!

Up at Alberta Falls Chris came upon a very friendly chipmunk. This little guy followed him along the trail for a while so Chris finally picked up a pine cone to “feed” him since the chipmunk was obviously on the hunt for handouts.

DSC05062 thumb Man Eating Chipmunks!

Awww, what a cute little guy! All furry and innocent looking. Probably hungry because he spent the summer eating tourist hand outs and most of the tourist are gone. Or…he is just plain malicious!

DSC05063 thumb Man Eating Chipmunks! DSC05063 thumb1 Man Eating Chipmunks!

By the way…if you feed a chipmunk a pine cone he will attempt to nibble your finger! I just happened to snap this photo at just the right time as Chris obviously yanked his hand away as soon as his brain registered the nibble!

After about 5 miles of hiking we started our drive up and through RMNP. Chris and I were a little overly excited about this. My mom hates heights…especially when there is a chance she will go careening over the edge in a car. The majority of the upper road in RMNP involves roads just like this. Chris and I spent a lot of time giggling while Mom had knees of jello!

DSCN0545 thumb Man Eating Chipmunks! DSCN0551 thumb Man Eating Chipmunks!

Eventually we convinced her to look out to the mountains and not down, she survived! She even enjoyed the views for the second half of the drive! Once we arrived on the west side of the park the sun was setting and the elk were out and about!

DSCN0557 thumb Man Eating Chipmunks!
…a young un’ but this photo is not zoomed in!

Just before the entrance we came upon two huge herds of elk…both of which decided to block traffic and cross the road road right then and there. We were surrounded, one herd in front of us, one in the back!

DSC05078 thumb Man Eating Chipmunks!

The coolest part about being surrounded by elk was the noises they made. We could hear the bulls bellowing, the calves and cows calling to each other, their hooves clicking across the pavement and crunching of dry grass as they plowed right on through.

Colorado is full of beautiful scenery with the mountains all around but to really appreciate it all sometimes you just have to listen…to the animals, the wind and sometimes the traffic!

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