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Making Lemonade

Posted Jan 27 2011 5:29pm
So here I am in the winter of my discontent--not running, getting dumped on by snow (8 inches yesterday) and having the kids in school for all of one day this week. (Our school district calls off at the sight of snow). All this might just make me grumpy.

And it has, but I'm also trying--hard--to keep my chin up. And not throw things in the garage.

So this morning when I woke up, saw that my street was unplowed and that I could not get to the pool, I dug out my old cross-country skis. They're ancient, not in very good shape, and don't get much glide anymore. And yes, I look like a cow in these pants, which are also ancient--that was the style back then so please be quiet. But, the fat pants and the skis were worth it. They gave me a chance to exercise outside. This was SO nice after 5 weeks of indoor training! Check out some of the scenery along the way.

I took my winter wonderland approach a step further this afternoon, too. A group of us headed over to the local golf course for some sledding. I went down several times with my daughter, crashing every time. I was laughing my ass off, feeling like a kid. Well worth it.

I think I'm doing rather well, don't you?
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