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MAF test #2–wow!

Posted Jun 18 2013 11:43pm

MAF2 300x150 MAF test #2  wow! I’m four weeks into my MAF training , which means that yesterday it was time for another test to see how I am progressing. I knew last week that I was starting to see some pay off. I’m not setting land speed records or anything, but I can feel that I’m getting farther up hills before having to walk, and keeping a better pace when I’m not climbing hills. So when it came time to do the test yesterday, I was pretty excited to see what the results would be.

I went back to the exact same, mostly flat course to retest. I was happy to have another humid day on which to test–I wanted an apples to apples comparison. I even talked Mr. Zippy into playing sherpa, Cotter style, and he kept me company on his bike (this path is a bit desolate early morning). So the details: Like last time, I warmed up very easy for the first three miles, gradually getting up to my MAF heart rate. Then I tracked my splits for the next four miles.

Take a look at the difference from mid-May, before starting the training, and four weeks later:

May: 9:37, 9:51, 10:23, and 10:31

June: 8:55, 8:55, 9:07, and 9:04

Yep, say it with me–that’s pretty amazing progress! I am beyond thrilled with it. And I still have three months to go.

I am also noticing that my clothes are starting to loosen up, another indicator that my body is turning to fat for fuel. Not a bad side effect, I’ll admit.

More than anything, all of this tells me I am on the right path. It has been hard; it has tried my patience; it will continue to do so. But do I consider it worth it? Heck yeah. My only regret–not starting it sooner!

People who have used MAF–is the first month typically the biggest drop in pace and then it becomes less dramatic? If you’re not doing MAF, do my results make it seem a bit more appealing now? 

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