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Lunch at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House with Blog and Tweet Boston

Posted Mar 02 2014 9:30am

If you follow me on Twitter , Instagram or my Facebook page , you already know from the explosion of food porn photos that I had a pretty amazing lunch yesterday.  How?  I went to  Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House  with Blog and Tweet Boston .

I have only been to Del Frisco’s one other time for lunch.  We went for Erin’s birthday and got to enjoy a nice piece of cheesecake as we sat in one of the nice booths that looks out to the waterfront.  I have been meaning to get back but I haven’t been going to too many lunches outside of the office lately.  So I was extremely excited to see that Blog and Tweet was having this event.

Del Friscos Seating

We were treated a bit like VIPs.  We were brought to our own private room in the back of the restaurant.  The room was surrounded by bottles upon bottles of wine.  It was a perfect size for our group and also had a door out to a balcony which would be perfect for the summertime!

Del Friscos Private Room

However, before we headed to our room.  It only made sense that we started our foodie adventure at the bar with a drink called the “VIP”.  This drink contained Svedka clementine vodka infused with fresh Hawaiian pineapple.  The drink was light and just the right amount of sweetness to it.  The vodka was not harsh but still had enough in it to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Del Friscos VIP

The other cocktail that was being served was a pomegranate martini which has 360 Vodka, PAMA Pomegranate liquor, and a splash of cranberry juice.  Like the VIP, this drink was tasty and one I suggest trying.

Del Friscos Pomegranite Martini

Once we arrived at our seats, we were provided with more cocktails and some of the Robert Foley Cabernet that is made just for Del Frisco’s.  I don’t have enough knowledge about wine but Kristina thought the wine was pretty darn good.  She even went for a second glass-and of course so did I!

Del Friscos Cocktails and Wine

We began with some warm bread (so soft-I could eat multiple loafs if I had them), but this was just the primer for all the dishes to come.

Ahi tuna tartare with citrus, capers, kalamata olive spread & crostinis

The tuna was incredibly fresh and I kind of wanted to bring the leftovers with me home.  There was so much tartare that we didn’t want to spoil our appetites for whatever dishes were coming next. {Family-style portion pictured}

Del Friscos Ahi Tuna Tartare

Shanghai-style fried calamari with sweet chili glaze, bean sprouts, cherry peppers, crushed peanuts & scallions

The calamari was not too heavily battered.  It had a sweet, tangy flavor with a little kick.  Not an incredibly spicy kick but a little kick to it in a way that it made your taste buds wonder what it was and wanted more.  The cherry peppers and bean sprouts were the perfect addition to the dish.

Del Friscos Calamari

Crab cake with Cajun lobster sauce

This crab cake was not one of those crab cakes that is mostly bread crumbs and filling.  This crab cake is CRAB!  I felt spoiled with how much there was.  Even though the crab was cooked perfectly and fresh, I made sure to get as much of the sauce on each bite of crab.  Who would pass up on Cajun lobster sauce?!

Del Friscos Crab Cake

Steakhouse salad with broiled prime strip steak, deviled egg, baby mixed green, watercress, avocado, cherry tomato, bacon, parmesan, blue cheese & horseradish lemon dressing

This is a hearty, rich salad.  The dressing was a little thicker than I what I usually order on a salad but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t think it was good.  I also love every ingredient that was on this salad, including the deviled eggs.  {Family-style portion pictured}

Del Frescos Steak Salad

Seared Ahi Tuna with shaved Napa cabbage, arugula, mango, chilled noodles, toasted almonds, tomato, avocado, ginger-sesame dressing

This salad is more my style.  It is lighter and refreshing.  We all agreed the chilled noodles were such a nice touch to the dish.  I’m also a huge fan of avocado and mango, both which were perfectly ripe.  {Family-style portion pictured}

Del Friscos Asian Salad

Prime shaved steak with au jus, horseradish sauce and homemade chips

This dish was good but not as good as the other dishes I had.  I would definitely give it a try if you have a hankering for a shaved steak sandwich, but I think I would prefer some of the other dishes that are there.  The homemade chips are really delicious though!

Del Friscos Prime Shaved Steak

Sole francese with lump crabmeat, baby arugula, cherry tomato, lemon chive beurre blanc

The sole francese didn’t make my must-have list.  We all actually were confused at what this was at first. Some of us thought omelette while others thought flatbread.  We were all wrong-it was fish!  All the ingredients tasted fresh, but I think for me the dish was lacking a little flavor.  {Family-style portion pictured}

Del Friscos Sole Francese

Filet medallions with scallion mashed potatoes, thin green beans & lemon butter sauce

This dish not only is given an interesting presentation but also is full of flavor.  The mashed potatoes were a hit.  They were probably some of my favorite mashed potatoes I’ve had so far.  They were smooth but also had chunks and were seasoned just right.  The medallions were cooked perfectly and also well seasoned.

Del Friscos Filet Medallions

Sides, Steaks and More

The main courses were three different cuts of steak.  I don’t order steak a lot so I can’t remember what steaks we had, I just was thinking “meat meat meat meat!”.  However, when I did taste all of the steaks and there was definitely a difference in each cut’s flavor and texture.  All were steaks I would order again.

We were also provided some sides:  maque choux corn , sauteed mushrooms, and beer battered onion rings.  I had never had maque choux corn before but I liked the sweetness it had.  I love mushrooms in general and the marinade on these was bursting with flavor.  As for the onion rings, they were a good size onion ring and not JUST batter.  I hate when I just get batter and want more onion!

Del Friscos Onion Ring Tower

Lemon cake with six layers, lemon buttercream icing and lemon glaze

Perfection.  This cake was fresh, light but filling, and beautiful.  The buttercream frosting was just melting on the plate.  When my friend saw that I was going to Del Fresco’s she said I had to try this cake.  And now I see why.  It’s amazing.

Del Friscos Lemon Cake

Overall Thoughts


The food was well prepared, had high quality, fresh ingredients, and thoughtful.  I was always excited to see what dish was coming up next.  My favorite part was probably the lemon cake, but here are some of my other favorites:

  • Appetizer:  Ahi Tuna Tartare
  • Salad:  Seared Ahi Tuna Salad
  • Entree:  Filet Medallions
  • Drink:  The VIP


I know you may be thinking it is difficult for me to judge the service since we were there for a blogger event, but I can say from past experience that I know Del Frisco’s has great service regardless of whether or not you are a blogger.

My biggest pet peeve is when I get treated poorly because they think that I am young and won’t tip well.  I feel that it is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If the server treats the customer poorly because they are young and think they won’t tip well, the customer won’t tip well because they were treated poorly!

This is definitely not the case at Del Frisco’s.  When my girlfriends and I came in during lunch before, we were treated just like I was at this blogger event.  The Del Frisco’s employees are always considerate, helpful, friendly, and attentive.  I love that the staff even jokes around with you.

Pricing Ranges (Lunch)

Appetizers $10-19.50
Salads $16-19.5
Entrees $20-27
Sandwiches $14-17

{See the full  Lunch Menu }


The pricing at Del Frisco’s is higher than I would typically spend on lunch (same goes for the dinner menu) unless it is a special occasion.  However, for the food quality, service, and experience, it is worth the splurge.

Don’t worry Del Fresco’s…I’ll be back.

Del Friscos Coffee

Del Frisco’s

250 Northern Ave
Boston, MA

Del Frisco’s | Facebook | @Del_Friscos | YouTube

Blog and Tweet Boston | Facebook | @BlogAndTweetBoston

{Disclaimer:  I attended this complementary class thanks to Blog and Tweet Boston and Del Frisco’s.  I was not paid to write this post.  All opinions are my own! }

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