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Lululemon Baptiste Yoga Workshop

Posted Jul 02 2012 7:30am

Saturday morning before heading to the beach for a fun surprise , I attended a workshop over at Lululemon Hyde Park for Baptiste yoga. I got there a solid 20 minutes early, as I suspected it was going to be pretty busy – and busy it was!

By the time that class started, the room was packed from front to back and side to side with people excited to learn some new yoga techniques! There was a great mix that attended – instructors excited to learn something new, and people like me just wanting to experience power yoga for the first time. We started the class with a quick meditation, and then actually did something that I had never done before – met our neighbors. We introduced ourselves to someone sitting next to us, and had them as out partner for the rest of class. It was something fun that took the seriousness out of yoga – something that I am a huge fan of! After meeting our partners, we went over a few things…

The instructor, Susanne Fuller stressed how important it was to be a yes! So many people in our society are an automatic no to almost anything, and she wants us to be yesses! Easy enough, right?! She also touched on the principles of physicalness, empowerment, and possibility – all things we needed to adopt in our practice that day.

Baptiste yoga is traditionally practiced in a room of 80-90 degrees, but we did not have that luxury since the class was in the Lululemon store – air conditioning it was! We went through pretty traditional flow poses, but we truly learned how to do each one. It was such an awesome experience for me, as I have never had someone take the time to really explain each and every position in regards to where your feet are, all the way up to the tips of your fingers. Sussane focused a lot on posture and thoracic alignment – both aspects of yoga I seriously need to work on. If people in the class had questions, she would show everyone rather than just telling. The person with the question would do the pose in the way they thought it should be done, and then Susanne would correct them from every angle – it was awesome!

I learned a lot from the class, and I am so glad that I went. Originally, I thought a 2 hour class would be a little but much for me, but it wasn’t. There was a lot of question and answers, along with demonstration, so we were not practicing yoga for 2 hours straight. We really only were doing flow for about 30-45 minutes of the workshop. I think that everyone that came to the workshop got a lot out of it, and learned so much, including my friends Kristen and Jessica ! It was so great to have a few new faces come to class – I hope they will start coming more often! And I can not wait for the possibility of a Baptiste studio in our area – pretty exciting!!

For anyone that doesn’t already know, all classes and events held by Lululemon are completely complimentary, including the bootcamp that I went to last week ! If you have a store or showroom in your area, be sure to check out the events they are hosting – they are a lot of fun!

Have you ever been to a yoga workshop? Ever tried Baptiste yoga? What did you think?
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