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Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon Recap!!

Posted Nov 05 2012 8:33am
Saturday I ran my 2nd Half Marathon!! 
Ready to get started!!
It was a chilly morning, not even 40 degrees. I got to the start line about 30 minutes early, but found an open building nearby where other runners were hanging out, trying to stay warm- so I joined them!
  Then it was finally time to run! The race started out with clear skies. I knew there was a chance of rain, but it didn't really look like that was going to happen.
I ran nonstop for 5 miles. I didn't look at my Garmin at all, for some reason I didn't really want to know my pace, I just wanted to keep on going, based on how I felt.
 There were 2 really big hills, but I ran up both of them! I knew if I walked, it would be harder to start running again. Once those hills were over, around mile 6, I heard someone beside me saying it was all easy from there on out. That was GOOD to hear!
 I brought some Clif Shot bloks with me. I was so glad I did, I feel that they gave me some good energy! Although they are a little difficult to chew.
Hard to read, but it says 1:17, already 9 minutes faster than last time!

  Around mile 7, I met a super sweet girl, and we ran together for the next 3 miles. We talked the whole time, and it helped me SO much! I was actually surprised I didn't stop and walk the whole time, but it's because talking to her kept my mind off of it, and I couldn't listen to my brain telling me I needed to walk. It was wonderful! This was her 10th Half! We exchanged phone numbers and plan on running together again. 
  During the time I was running with her, it started POURING. I've never ran in rain like that! The most I've run in is a light rain. But it was raining hard! I was so glad I wore my hat. It was literally dripping off the bill. It was crazy! A lot of the runners said it was sleeting or hailing, but I never felt that. 
 It rained the rest of the race, although not that hard!
  My last Half Marathon was finished in 2:43. I  knew I would do better this time, but I was guessing it would be 2:35, although I was praying for 2:30!
  When I got to mile 11, I knew I was doing even better than I thought! My shoes and clothes were soaked, but I gave everything I had for that last mile! At that time I could tell my shoe was rubbing the back of my ankle raw! I was so disappointed, because I didn't think my new Brooks would do that! But I'm thinking it may have been because they were soaking wet and my sock must have slid down, and just that constant friction caused it. 
Sorry if this grosses you out!!
Then I start to hear the cheering crowd and some guy with a microphone encouraging everyone, letting us know we were almost there!! 
 And I cross the finish line in 2:25!!! I was SO ecstatic!! My honey and Jonah were there at the finish line.
I beat my time by 18 minutes!! I was shocked!

I was absolutely chilled to the BONE though! It was so cold and rainy. I had teeth chattering and shaking and everything! I finally warmed up after a long, super hot shower!
  It was a wonderful race though. And I'm so thankful for April, who I believe helped me get that huge PR! 
 I'm telling you, I have never met nicer people than I have in this running community. I am SO incredibly thankful for all you, my friends. For all your encouragement and support. You all mean the world to me!!


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