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Lotsa stuff, running stuff, silly stuff....and more stuff

Posted Sep 21 2009 10:25pm
This last week/weekend has been a whirlwind of stuff....mostly running/trail stuff. I have an insane race slate this fall that actually has already started, and on one hand, I should be in full taper mode. Nope, can't do it. I just have to run.

A good compromise this past week involved a little running, a little walking, and a lot of ribbon pulling. I pulled a kazillion ribbons from the Turkey and Taturs trail run. Pink polka dots, and yellow caution tape were stuffed into Wal-Mart sacks, and properly disposed. I logged possibly 11 miles on the trails over 4 days at a blistering pace of around 40 minutes per mile. A big thank you to Arnold, Tatur Dave, and Candice who also pulled some pink. Turkey Mountain is now ribbon free, at least from our race.

Saturday, I ran with my friends at RW, and 18 miles was on the slate. make that 18 miles of pavement. I ran with
Bobby, Sandra, and Chrissy....great company for a four hour outing.

Several miles down, and finally the sun makes an appearance.

Another appearance, and a rare one. A LIVE armadillo. In Oklahoma, 99% of all armadillos are dead on the road.

Ok, one more rare sight....Jason on a Saturday morning NOT running. Jason is in full taper mode for his upcoming 100 miler in Kansas.

Crossing the Arkansas River, while our friends opt to not take the bridge.

Some of our group on their return trip.

Coupla runnerless pics.

And now a few pics with LOTSA runners. We ran into the race for the Cure. Some of our group opted to do this huge 5K to support the cause of "saving the tatas." Somewhere in the midst of this 5000+ 5K race, we made our turn-around and headed back to our cars. It was no problem sharing the road, as we stayed on the paved bike path while the race was on a 4-lane road. We also shared the road with a few other creatures. Enough worm to fish with all day. And a bug large enough to eat all those fish.

Chrissy being Chrissy!

Two miles to go, but not before taking a break.

Yay Sandra! Longest run ever!!

Saturday evening, there was another 5K, and one with a twist. The Ladies First 5K was a run where all the ladies got a 3 minute head start, and the winner of the race was whoever crossed the finish line first regardless of gender. this race raised money for suicide awareness, and was held in conjunction with the Scottish Games, which gave me as well as a lot of other men to wear KILTS! The goodies for the race were Brooks Podium tech shirts for the men and running skirts for the women. Here, Kathy is sporting her Ladies First skirt.

Jason and I were sporting kilts. Jason, sexy thang that he is, won the sexy leg contest!

Good friends Earl and Jen appear to be dressed for the occasion, but Earl is no stranger to wearing the plaid.

Probably the nicest kilt I saw. Matt ran a good race and caught a skirt or two along the way.

Who won this race? A man or a woman? I was pulling for the girls, and I was not disappointed. McKale Davis (the girl that won the Reckless redneck Mile) won and in fact, 3 of the top 4 in this race were ladies. The one thing that bothered me is that when the results were posted online, they still separated the men's and women's times. I guess there are good points for both listings. For another (similar) account of this race, CLICK HERE

And I'll fess up. I did my best to make Kathy's skirt, wide. (snicker snicker) Sorry, I am bad. She'll get even!
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