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Posted Nov 21 2008 4:48pm
I'm not sure what's up but I've been a s-l-a-c-k-e-r this week. For real. I've got an excuse through Tuesday (being out of town, catching up at work, and taking my last final ever. Ever.) But beyond that I'm clueless (which I guess just really only leaves Wednesday and Thursday.) Oh, and I started having that weird chest painy thing that I used to have in my ribs and now it has migrated to my sternum bone.

Whew. Glad I talked through all of that. Now I totally realize that I haven't been such a slacker after all!

I plan on meeting Downtown D at 6am sharp (okay, really 6:15 but "sharp" sounded like I was actually getting something accomplished.) And I'm going for a group bike ride on Saturday followed by some REAL running on Sunday morning. For real. A real long run courtesy of me actually getting my lazy caboose up in time to be there at 7:15 (or 7 sharp if I'm feeling frisky.) I plan on getting another long ride in on Sunday whether it's on the bike for real (like on the road) or if I get Troy to set up the trainer and I'll watch all the days of the Tour I missed...which is sortof like about 19 so I could be on that trainer for a while.

When I clicked on the link for my blog a few minutes ago I saw "71 days..." and my heart lept a little. I thought "wasn't it just 74 days like yesterday?" I am in full wedding mode ya'll so don't get in my way. I have at least one thing to do every day between tomorrow and October 11. And don't worry...I won't be stressed in the least. This kindof stuff is what I live for (planning, organizing, shopping....really.) I'm excited, but I'm also on a mission so again, I warn you, don't get in my way. Unless your my running shoes. Then feel to trip me at least once a day to remind me that I still have an obligation to log 1,000 miles this year.

Wish me luck in all of this...or tell me I'm crazy...or tell me to shut up (but I'll ignore you and/or tell you it's not nice to tell people to shut up). Or feel free to tune me out for the next 71 days while I recount the 3 sets of champagne flutes I bought because I can't decide which one I like best, or the basket ordeal I'm having because I'm not sure how big the favors will actually be, or the tent fiasco which I have totally brought on myself.

I'm off to write thank-you cards. Have a great weekend.

Sandra, was that short enough?
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