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Loose Ends

Posted Dec 28 2011 12:58pm

What I Haven’t Done


To say that I haven’t even thought about blogging or even being on the computer would be the understatement of the year and a trending theme that has just been growing in size over the past few weeks. I haven’t even looked at our bank account even though I know we’ve had several high dollar days and I don’t really intend on breaking this streak any time soon. I also haven’t even considered what kind of calories might be in the food that I’m shoveling into my mouth, nor have I thought about how a food choice might affect my workout. But that may be because I didn’t work out Friday or Sunday. And I haven’t stepped on the scale since Sunday when I saw a number that was depressingly high for having run 20 miles the day before.

What I Have Done


Oh are you tired of seeing our Christmas pictures? Sorry. But not.

I’ve gotten on Facebook only to confirm that people are now engaged, checked blogs only when I needed motivation to get out the door and workout, and read Twitter at stoplights only. In fact, I just checked my alter-email (not the one synced to my phone) yesterday for the first time since I left work last Thursday and it had such a scary number of emails that I just deleted the junk and then closed it out.

I’ve managed to eat my weight and then some in cookies and candy and alcohol. On a productive note, I did manage to run an amazing 20 miler on Christmas Eve, and I did a double workout on Monday consisting of going to hot yoga and then doing a strength session. I also had an a-ma-zing speed session yesterday despite the fact that it took me a good 3 hours of sitting on the couch in my workout clothes to actually make it on the treadmill to run because I was afraid I wasn’t going to last… I did and it was wonderful.

I’ve also spent ample time playing with my new camera, and my cats have become wonderful test subjects. I’ve downloaded far too many books on my Nook and have been reading like crazy.

I’ve been more unproductive in the past week then I have in a long time and it’s been wonderful. When I initially took most of this week off work it was with the thought that I needed to get so much stuff done at home.

I’ve nixed that plan. Sometimes you need to just let it all go every now and then. So that is exactly what I intend on doing. The only things I’m concerned about accomplishing are the daily household tasks that take no effort and need to be done and working out. Other than that it’s all up in the air.

I wish I had brought my camera to work today so that I could upload a million and a half pictures of cats and candles that Sean and I have been using to perfect our camera-ing skills, but I didn’t so I can’t show you how insanely cute my cats are. Try not to be too bummed out.


And while I’ve thought about doing a “reflections” post on my 2011 goals , I’ll just sum it up real easy instead: You win some, you lose some. Smile I did great on some goals and horrible on others. I ran a lot , switched jobs , and made some great new friends . 2011 has been really good to me, and I imagine 2012 has a lot of great things in store as well!

Is everyone back at work? How was your Christmas?!

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