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Looking for the Spark

Posted Aug 14 2013 11:00pm

I’ve been unsure of what to write lately.

I’ve been “writing” posts in my head, but they all sound whiny and depressing. I’m feeling very BLAH lately.

Probably because I haven't seen this guy in WEEKS. But thankful he comes back home to me tomorrow!

Probably because I haven’t seen this guy in WEEKS. But thankfully he comes back home to me tomorrow!

This is the definition of post-race blues.

I’ve been eating a lot. And being lazy a lot. And even though everyone keeps saying “you deserve it!” and “you don’t ever need to exercise again!” (which, fine, is nice to hear), I just don’t want that. Rest is lovely and all, but I’m so bored of it. And non-exercise makes me CRANKY. I’m ready to move forward.

I’ve gotten back into it this week, though. Enough with pure recovery…onward! On Friday I did hot yoga, which was a huge mistake. I never do well when it’s that hot. I spent half the class in child’s pose. Whoops. On a more successful note, I rode my bike twice last weekend…and Sunday’s ride included a cycling lesson for Ashley , so that was fun! I also ran on Sunday night. 3 miles. WOO HOO.  Monday I did some solid strength training (still sore) and was also my first swim back (to convince myself to actually get in the pool I told myself I only had to swim 10 minutes…but ended up going for 25 minutes.) This trick always works on me. I can be so sneaky!

Tuesday’s interval run included nine hill repeats in Brooklyn (Wellhouse Hill in Prospect Park? Is that a place?) for a total of 4 miles with a warmup and cooldown. It felt so great to push myself and go home feeling tired and a little more accomplished.

I always have good runs in half PR is from there!

I always have good runs in Brooklyn…my half PR is from there!

Today I biked for 35 minutes. It was super easy and not at all challenging. Almost felt worthless…but I guess it was good to get my sore legs moving.

Still, even though I’m running the NYC Marathon in less than 3 months, I feel like something is missing. I have a whole fancy Google Doc workout schedule that is all color-coded and full of fun workouts, but I’m still missing that excitement I’ve felt for the past 6 months. I don’t think it’s burnout or overtraining…I think I miss triathlon training. I miss having a HUGE, terrifying goal. Hopefully as Fall approaches and marathon day inches closer, I’ll get that spark back.

See you soon, finish line.

See you again soon, finish line.

So, my schedule moving forward is based loosely off a couple different things: my Ironman training (want to “cross train” to keep in triathlon shape AKA not forget how to swim) and the FIRST plan from the book Run Less, Run Faster (thanks for loaning it to me, Beth! ), which basically discusses the merits of three focused, quality runs per week, and how you can, well, run less and run faster. HENCE THE NAME! I’m not someone who can run 5 or 6 days a week. My body would object like crazy. Therefore “Run Less, Run Faster” wins my vote. Couple that with some swimming and biking and I’m all set.

Here’s the general plan I came up with. I’ll share the specific workouts each week, but for now, this is my basic weekly schedule:

Mondays: Swim Intervals

Tuesdays: Track/Speedwork

Wednesdays: Bike Intervals

Thursdays: Tempo Run

Fridays: Rest/Yoga

Saturdays: Long Bike

Sundays: Long Run

(Things might get crazy and Saturdays and Sundays may be switched. WHO KNOWS.)

Every few weeks I’ll cut back a bit and replace the swim/bike intervals with easier workouts. And since I’m the master of the NYC Marathon plan, I’ll freak out a little less if I have to switch things around. With Ironman, it was such new territory that I wasn’t confident at all. But since I’ve run two marathons + one in an Ironman, I’m much more confident and will feel okay adjusting my schedule if needed. Like if there’s a wedding in Iowa I need to go to.

I really just wanted an excuse to use a photo that involved real clothes instead of workout clothes. #PROOF I do shower.

I really just wanted an excuse to use another photo that involved real clothes instead of workout clothes. #PROOF I do shower. But I cannot open my eyes evidently.

What’s your Fall schedule look like? 

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