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Longest run back with some moral (and physical) support from Dave!

Posted Nov 23 2012 12:00pm

We weren’t much for going out for the early morning Black Friday sales so we decided to go for a jog.  Dave wanted to push me.  He said that he thinks I can go farther than I usually go.  I am always a little too cautious when I’m injured but I knew it’s been a while that I’ve rested and I’ve been building up my strength.  I told him I would go with him if he agrees to walk with me if I feel like my hips hurt.

Check it out ladies and gents!  My longest run in a long time!!! I even made it past the 5k point!

During the run we reached a pretty steep hill and I made a really grumpy face at Dave.  I said I didn’t want to run a hill, especially on my longest run back.  He said, “I’ll help you!” He put his arm on my back and started to help literally push me up the hill!  I started cracking up in laughter and even leaned back!  Jokingly (but slightly seriously), I asked if he would do this next time I run a marathon.  Thank you Dave for helping me try to go a little farther and get up that hill!

When we arrived back at the house, I was all smiles.  Oh, I missed you running!  But before I got too excited, I made sure to stretch a lot and do some yoga-fire log pose, cow face pose, and pigeon.  I also worked on my headstand.  The key to my return is lots of stretching and strengthening!

Does your significant other help push you to go beyond what you think are your limits?

Dave and I are so different challenge each other everyday!  That’s why I love him!

Did you go out early for Black Friday sales?

I used to go before I started dating Dave but now if we go, we will go later in the day.

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