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Long Run Sunday

Posted May 23 2010 12:00am
Today was a scheduled long run. I abandoned marathon training a few weeks back when I hurt my knee. After taking a few weeks off with easy running, I feel like I can get back into the swing of things. However, the June 26th marathon is completely out of the question because there is no way I can be prepared torun 26.2miles in a months time. There is just no way.

Sunday Run:
Goal: 75minutes
Actual: 1:18:57
Miles: 9.3
Pace: 8:29

Training called for a 75minute run. It was a constant drizzle for the majority of my run and that's not surprising, giving I live in the rainy state of Washington. My knee was feeling strong for the majority of the run until about mile 8 when I dodged traffic and ran across the street to run on a sidewalk and stepped a bit funny. I slowed down my pace to a very easy 9-9:15minute mile to finish my run. I was nearing a steep hill near my house that I call "Hell Hill" and made it about half way up before calling it quits and walking the rest of the way home. I just wasn't feeling up to conquering it. Maybe next week.

Apparently you are supposed to do your long runs about a minute to 90 seconds slower than your marathon goal pace. That's something that I have never understood or been able to do. I feel like I should train with how I want to run the actual race. I don't see myself doing all these slow long runs and then being able to kick it up for the actual race. I don't know. I've never trained that way for the half marathons and 10k that I've done in the past and it has worked so why change now?

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