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Long Run Rewards

Posted Feb 05 2012 12:56pm

Yesterday I got up early and went on a long run by myself.  I was going to go to my club run but I wanted to start a little earlier.  The night before I prepared with some overnight oats made with raspberry Chobani, blueberries and milk to eat before my pre-run Gu (Espresso Love).

The run went surprisingly well.  I was proud because I tried to include a few hills AND I sped up a few miles in the end.

2:30@Avg 8:49 pace

Yesterday made me realize even more how much I really do love my long runs.  I’m pretty excited for my 18-19 miler next weekend…and even more pumped for the 20 miler…I know-I have issues… :)  Non-runners think I’m crazy and just like to induce pain upon myself, but I feel so great after.  And it really gives me some time to just think about whatever I want to and be selfish with my time or just catch up with friends.  Plus, I don’t feel as guilty eating bad food!

I have been getting in the habit of rewarding myself with bad food after a long run, which is not the best, but I try to satisfy a craving if I have one.  I will say, I don’t ALWAYS like to indulge because my body feels so great after a run that I just want to feed it good food to feel even better and energized!  However, last night was one of those nights I wanted a burger, but not just any burger…this burger had fried onion strings AND fried jalepenos on top!  It was delicious and I ate it way too fast, but I loved every bite of it.

Then today I got up and met my friend Denise for a 3 miler.  We then met up with Carrie at Diesel Cafe and we all got breakfast burritos.  Carrie got it without the tortilla since she is gluten free!

After that I got ready for later in the day…

Did you know that I grew up in Foxboro?  I am such a poser wearing this shirt because I don’t really watch football or any sports for that matter.  My friend Ashley got this shirt for me and is going to get me into the sport! :)

Do your non-runner friends think you are crazy?

Do you reward your workouts with food sometimes?

Story of my life.  That is why I run!  So I can EAT!

Do you have delicious Super Bowl snacks calling your name today?


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