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Long Run, ProCompression and Nuun

Posted Feb 25 2013 10:10am
Happy Monday!

  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Saturday I ran 15 miles. 
Oh, I hate being a slow runner more than ANYTHING! My first 5 miles were a little under 10 min miles, but after that I slowed down. I wish I could just keep up that pace! If I don't get any faster by my marathon, it'll be at least a 5 hour marathon, and I was hoping to get under that! Well, I'll keep trying!

I work my Pro Compression socks for the first time. I really loved them! The only thing is they were almost impossible to put on and take off! It took forever to do that! I'm wondering if I got the wrong size, or if they're supposed to be that way. I got a Large, which is supposed to be the correct size for my height. Once I got them on, they were fine though. Are they supposed to be so tight?

15 miles done! The weather was perfect, and it was a perfect run!

I also bought some Nuun and drank that for the first time during my run.
I seriously almost threw up everytime I took a drink. It was disgusting!! I will never drink it again. I guess it's the carbonation or something, but I just couldn't handle it! Which was too bad, I'd heard so much good stuff about it! I hate to throw away 4 tubes of it, does anyone want it?

What did you do this weekend?
For your Pro Compression socks wearers, are they supposed to be that difficult to put on and take off?
Do you like Nuun? Do you want mine? :)

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