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Long run, Ice Bath and Two Pairs of Compression Socks

Posted Oct 01 2012 3:00am
Ok, so my title might be a bit random, but bear with me, it'll all make sense.

Sunday morning, after a few glasses of vino too many for both of us Saturday night (though indulged in separately), Anna and I met up to tackle our last long run before the Great Eastern half marathon. One of our favorite routes goes through Madingley, and although not quite the 13-14 miles as per schedule, we figured we'd be ok doing 12.5.

Wanting the day to be as close to race day as possible, I threw on my compression socks, added some electrolytes to my water, packed an energy gel and set off. 
Anna was rather impressed by my colour-coordination. Totally unplanned, I promise!

We tackled the route the other way around from last time. We thought it might make it a bit easier for us, seen that we were meant to run the last four miles at race pace. Oh how wrong we were. We had a looong and steady incline ahead of us as well as rather frequent 'undulations'. Then again, probably just what we needed to get us ready for the 14th.
After about 8.25 miles (I checked), we stopped for some much needed photo opps as Anna hasn't featured on here in a while!
Posing in front of that incline we were about to tackle

We also had to take a minute to make fun of me. I mean seriously, no one, I mean no one sweats perspires like I do. What is the matter with me?? Look at the two of us. Not a hair out of place on that girl and just a healthy shine. And then there's that hot mess that's me (and I don't mean that kind of 'hot' either!).

Once we reached the main road again, right around 8.5ish miles, we picked up the pace, wanting to finish strong and aiming for race pace (8:45min/mile).
19:26.8 1.00 9:26 29:41.2 1.00 9:41 39:41.8 1.00 9:42 49:37.7 1.00 9:38 59:51.7 1.00 9:52 69:51.9 1.00 9:51 79:36.7 1.00 9:37 810:24.3 1.00 10:24 99:08.9 1.00 9:08 108:48.4 1.00 8:49 118:47.3 1.00 8:47 129:16.7 1.00 9:16 132:53.8 0.30 9:37
Avg Pace

Of course we hit an incline just as we set off, but I think we did ok for mile 9. Sure, it's not perfect race pace, but considering that we were going straight into some gale-force winds, up a hill, barefoot and all, we were only slightly off. Miles 10 & 11 were pretty much spot on and the last mile can be explained by one too many stop lights that threw us off.

We were definitely feeling the miles in our legs by that time. While running, we were fine but having to stop-start repeatedly for lights and crossings became harder and harder. I guess once you lose your momentum, that's pretty much it.

Anyhoo, we did it and it wasn't half shabby for a last long run before race day. I was anticipating some very sore legs. I don't know what's been going on, but my hips and glutes have been feeling tighter than usual, as have my hammies and calves. Even when compared to my last HM training. Getting older sure is sucky.

That, my friends, is the amount of time that I spent in my ice bath. Oh yeah. It was one helluva cold experience. I made G sit with and talk to me to keep my mind off the fact that I was sat, waist-deep, in freezing cold water. I did take a picture of my legs in the tub, but he didn't think that was appropriate material to post on my blog.

The upside of this hellish experience is the nicely tingling legs you get as soon as you get in the hot shower.

And just to be extra sure, I got out my second pair of compression socks to do a bit more compressing for the rest of the day (they looked particularly fine when I went into Karen Millen to try on a pretty frock and again while looking for a pair of birthday heels. Those shop assistants were mighty impressed!).

Thank you kind people at CEP for helping me put my socks on the correct foot. And no, I didn't have to ask G first which was my right and which was my left!
So there, last long run done and now I can concentrate on all the awesome birthday shenanigans that better be taking place for me this week. Yup, I don't just celebrate my birthday, I celebrate my birth-week(s).

How was your weekend? Did you make it out for a long run? 

Where you one of the many awesome people doing a half marathon, full marathon (Berlin, anyone?!!!) or even half Ironman this weekend? Let's hear how you did!!!
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