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Long Run Done and a better experience with RunningSkirts

Posted Aug 27 2011 1:20pm
I didn't know if I was going to get my long run in today or tomorrow, it just all depended on who I could find to watch the kids.  I was hoping for today but it didn't look good.  My husband had to leave the house at 7 am for work, I got up early with the intention of getting some miles in before he left, unfortunalty the kids got up early too and wanted some attention so that by the time I got out the door I only had 45 minutes to run which is clearly not enough for a 14 mile run.  I decided maybe when I came back I could find someone to watch the kids and then continue on with only a slight interruption.  When i got back to the house my kids were getting ready to go to work with their Dad...YAY!  So I helped them get out the door and I got myself back out the door and finished my long run.  4.2 miles with a 30 minute break and then 10 more miles.

  Long run done.  When I stepped outside for part two of the run it was  deceptively cool outside due to the sun being behind the clouds.  It felt soo good, but I knew it wouldn't last long.  It last about 3/4 of a mile and then no more cloud cover  :( 

My friend BranDee had ordered a RunningSkirts skirt and when she got it decided it was too small for her, so she let me try it.  You may or may not remember my first and only other RunningSkirts run HERE which was a total fail even though a ordered the size they recommended.  I sent that skirt to  my little sister to try out.  Secretly I did not give up on RunningSkirts though, so when BranDee offered me this one which was a size up then the previous one I jumped on it.  It felt so much better than the first.  The underwear stayed but, the skirt did not ride up. It felt comfortable and I didn't feel like I was showing my backside to the world or the two people that drove by me on my run today.  BranDee had ordered the size they recommended for her too, but it was clearly too tight for her.  I know they say they are supposed to be snug, but we both agreed that it just was not flattering when the skirt was too snug.

I had the side pockets stuffed full of energy chews.  I was a little afraid that they would weight the skirt down too much and it would fall as a ran, but I had no problems with it.  Never even noticed they were there once I started running.

 And the after picture inside the house because I was hot and wanted to get out of the sun.  Love the skirt and would definely get another in this size and not the size they recommend.  Maybe I am just too bootylicious to wear the size they recommend. lol  In this picture you can also see that I have the back pocket stuffed now.  I wanted to see if it would bother me, didn't notice it either. 

  Just curious if anyone else likes the size they recommend or if you would rather wear one a size up from what they recommend like BranDee and I. 

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Have a great weekend.  What is your favorite brand of running skirt? or if you are not a skirt person what is your favorite shorts/capris whatever to run in? and why?
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