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Long run craving!

Posted Feb 07 2011 12:00am

It came to Dave’s attention that I crave Wendell’ s hot wings after long runs.  After my weekend of long runs, I said “MMM I wish we had Wendell’s tonight.”  Wendell’s is not the fanciest place.  It has padded walls…I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but their wings are to die for!  You don’t go to Wendell’s for the ambiance or the service.

When you walk in, it is first come first serve.  So you grab a table when you can.  Usually you run over to a table and try to sit down, but then the waitress gets really irritated because she needs to clean the table (understandable)…We’ve learned to just stand by the table.  Also, they often treat you like you are 10 years old and need to be taught a lesson, but it’s ok…I LOVE their wings.  Also, since the wings are made to order, they take at least an hour, especially if you have a large group.

I personally love the “extra spicy” wings with some bleu cheese dressing to dip them in.  We usually get fries and save some to help our  mouths from the heat.  We all tried the infamous DOUBLE DARE wings!  I only had one, but some of my friends had up to 3!  They are CRAZY hot (though not as hot as 357 MadDog hot sauce).  It doesn’t look like there is sauce on the wings, but more of a paste of hotness.

Derek and Rob go for the Double Dares!

Ashley tries a taste of Double Dares

WARNING!  Be sure to wash your hands very well before you do anything!  Such as… going to the bathroom or taking contacts out!  My guy friend had some issues after he forgot to wash his hands before using the facilities, and I should have washed my hands a few more times before trying to take my contacts out.  I think I rinsed my eyes for a minute or so!

If you are ever around Norton, I highly suggest it!  Maybe it too will be your long run craving!

What do you crave after long runs?
Where is your favorite wing place?

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