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Long Run and Week 1 of Training Down

Posted Jun 26 2010 4:00am
Welcome new followers! I have added a "Key Posts" section on the side bar if you are interested in catching up :)

It is dad and I will be running the Steamtown Marathon on October 10. We registered Friday afternoon...yay!

First week of marathon training down...only 15 more to go. Yesterday, I did the long run by myself since I will be racing on Sunday. I am about to cross train by bike while accompanying my dad on his long run this morning.

Week #1: Long Run- 13 miles @ 8:30 pace

13.01 miles
8:19 average pace
6:19 best pace

Mile 1~8:14
Mile 2~8:29
Mile 3~8:34 (uphill)
Mile 4~8:22
Mile 5~8:16
Mile 6~8:38
Mile 7~8:24
Mile 8~8:21 (uphill)
Mile 9~7:42 (downhill!)
Mile 10~8:17
Mile 11~8:18
Mile 12~8:25
Mile 13~8:01

This was the longest run I have ever done alone! I think before today, I may have done up to 8 miles but until now I always have done my long runs with my dad. It can get lonely out there and it is nice to have company and someone to motivate you to keep going. I am happy I was able to do it, however. Obviously I know that physically I can finish 13 miles, but I was afraid that without my dad to run with, I would give up and head home. I am happy to say that I never once considered calling it quits. You see, my dad was always more of a distance runner than I was. Give me a 5k any day and I was happy. Even when he first signed us up for the Philadelphia Marathon , I was secretly scared. I wasn't sure I could do it. I wasn't sure I wanted to put all the work in. Of course, as I found out, once training got going, I actually enjoyed myself and once marathon day came around, I was officially hooked. I literally wanted to run another marathon the following weekend. I have been looking forward to training for the marathon this time around, especially since we are taking a different approach and incorporating speed work into the training. Boston 2011? (Fingers crossed!)

Okay I'm off to bike ride...wish me luck...I haven't done this in awhile!
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